Friday, October 30, 2009


wooo.. online 2 times this week.. i am such a bad gurl... haha... how am i going to survive if no one sees my blog? T.T i'm so despo, man.... aww.. shit la.. i dun feel like writing.. maybe just too tired..
check out mine and weix blog.. gogo...

nothing much happen today.. it's only 11.04a.m.. y is it the always i on this blog and the FB i got really really bored. i never did that b4!! oh no am i sick of onlining?? NO WAY!!! pls send your blog address to me so that i can cease my boredness to zero%..

ppl seems to be like waiting for 2012 to come.. when was it? the day earth will explode "ka-boom"?
21 of 12 2012 i think? well, in my opinion i do think that it's weird.. i don't really believe in it but wat to do... news of it are everywhere.. wat will happen to human beings and the animals.. poor animals.. habitat taken away by humans and now earth is going to hit planet X and die... y can't anyone just try to help them? it's a good thing too.. u will never regret it.. not that im asking you to give your flesh and let the tigers to eat but stop global warming! stop hunting for ivory, their body parts.. support their habitat by not touching anything or join NGO to help them.. together we can do it..

i know all you ever read is blah, blah, blah but if im not true, pls tell me..

Tips for today:
What are you going to do when you have only 2 hours of water before every single drop of water is gone? Is that ever going to happen? You may not know. So, use less water to bathe. Hey, don't tell me you need to spend like 2 hours in the toilet just to shower. 20 minutes will be enough. Avoid using the shower. Use the bath. Not the bath tub. Collect water then use a bucket to scoop and whatsoever. That's very easy. Save water. It's very very valueble to all living beings. Save the planet. *wink*

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Blog! See it!! A must!!

Hayo all!!! Long time no see.. Kinda busy doing things.. You know the usual studying for the coming spm.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH................... im so gonna freak out anytime.. it's so near and i haven even read a single thing...
now, in weix's house... couldn't on for the next 5 weeks.. couldn't stand it.. i will die in pain and suffer if i didn't online. thanks to her.. once before my biggest exam of my secondary life, i could on and type..
story going on fine.. will be adding the 2nd chapter after exam, for the info of any readers out there.
it will not be a let down to anyone.. haha.. hope you all will enjoy all of the above things available.. i kinda like if u all could give a few suggestion or comments.. thank you!!!!

amy & weix's blog.. open ceremony today.. haha.. everything done in one day.. imagine that.. including the name and the skin and MY BLOG's skin.. it was quite fun.. hopefully can write more but there is nothing i can do with the time factor.. oh, fucking time.. please stop... i don't want to take SPM!!!!
AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm gonna freak out anytime...
how oh how will i survive this terror in strike...

there will be a new section in my blog... called....................................... Tips for today.. all consists of tips on saving the earth. hope u can actually do ur part in saving this place we call home..

Tips for today:
Recycling. Collect lots and lots of recycle items like newspaper, tins, glass bottles or even clothes.. All these are very valuable resources.. Bring it to the nearest recycling centre as you all know. Then, start recycling. Recycling not only makes you stronger (carrying all those things, phew!) and also keeps the earth clean.. Do your part then!!! XD