Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pros And Cons

i have been wanting to post this a looooooooong time alr...
so since im waiting for my anime to stream, i might as well post this..
last 2/3 weeks ago, i found something in my eyes.. i mean the skin outside my eyes which is on the inside part..
so, its kind of a little yellowish thing which freaks me out so much that i though that i will not see light anymore if i sleep..
i did get to sleep though coz i listed out some of the pros and cons of being blind..

there are a few of the things that i will not get to do if i go blind.. 0.0
1. I will not be able to drive.
Pros: i will get someone to drive for me.. yay!!
Cons: i have to pay him/her... MY WHOLE LIFE!

2. I will not get to blog. Typing will be hard. (except if i can memorize all the abc on the keyboard and avoid any mistakes will typing fast)
Pros: i wont get to blog.
Cons: i wont get to BLOG!!!

3. I will never get to read the menu when i'm eating in a restaurant.
Pros: somebody else will pick for me out of 10 choices so i dun have to choose (i hate choosing).
Cons: what if she/ he order something i hate. (i kill you)

4. I wont know where the cutleries and my glass of water will be.
Pros: pampering, pampering.
Cons: i cant enjoy my meal without spilling somwthingor dropping my food on the floor/table.. hate it..

5. I cant read my books.
Cons: i cant read my books.. except if there is someone who will read to me (i dun like people reading to me) or if they translate it to the what-you-call-dots-for-blind-people-to-read dots (still cant beat the joy of reading abc on paper).

6. I cant go on Facebook.
Pros: FREE from Facebook addiction..
Cons: Alone?

7. I cant enjoy sceneries in so many places especially places i want to go.
Pros: well, at least there will be someone who will accompany me on my journey.. i still can breathe the air?
Cons: why go on a holiday when u cant see anything?

8. I cant watch animes.
Cons: i cant watch animes.. Oh, horror.. Even if i learn Japanese, i wont understand the whooshing and the swatting noises..

9. No more classes?
Cons: i need to work?

10: Stay home all day.
Pros: Lazy.
Cons: alone....

ok dats a few of the pros and cons for being blind..
bye peeps..


p/s: if i did get blind i need to close my blog.. maybe.. hopefully not...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Honesty is the BEST policy?

this is only an honest opinion, not to contradict anyone's opinion on the above statement.

so honesty, yeah honesty..
have you ever been honest in ur whole life?
no one can do that..
my opinion, i think honesty is like boasting..
i mean ok..
so if u uphold a very strong promise to urself that u will be honest for today, for example..
u had a nice dinner at a gourmet restaurant with all the fancy small serving food (no offence, i dun like gourmet food's portion coz i have a black hole for a stomach)..
u went back home and chat with ur friend, bla bla bla.. and the question, what u had for dinner?
well, not wanting to boast that u went to a gourmet restaurant and eaten a nice fish fillet with lobster sauce with steamed asparagus by the side.. (i just made that up though its actually quite nice)
and not wanting to tell a lie, how do you answered?
"i went to a restaurant and ate fish and veges.. its pretty good"
its the truth...
but still the question goes on..
"oh icic... erm.. which restaurant did u go?"
another truthful answer...
"a gourmet restaurant"
and the next thing people will go woah...
days felt bad bla bla bla..
small white lies may not hurt but i still think that honesty can sometimes be a little boast..

i didn mean that u must stay honest all ur life or u will be struck by lightning (touchwood! touchwood!) but its just my opinion and im crapping coz im staying in my mum's office hving nothing to do and thinking whether i should print a few scores... but i dun wan to waste paper.. =.=

ok bye peeps, thats all from me today...
hope u enjoyed everything in life..


p/s: still be honest with urself and people around u..

Weird Thinking of a Human Being...

people are so weird, which makes them special, some of u may think..
but this weirdness is not the 'good' kind of weird.. its the 'bad' kind.. the annoying one to be precise..
so, in KL we have tonnes of shopping malls.. i wont name any one of the malls just to protect their privacy and rights and whatsoever...

in this certain mall, which i really hate to go, they have brand stores from all over the world...
very high class one to be honest..
the moment i went in, i was awed by the places and all the decorations (it was chinese new year, chinese new year shopping, yay!)
beautiful, everything was just wonderful, i think i looked like a 'Jakun' (a person who never seen anything before and acts all wow here, wow there everywhere)
so, as we entered shops to look at the stuffs, the weird people part arrived..
there are 2 salesman and saleswoman who looked at us up and down, up and down, the attire, the handbag, the shoes (we are just wearing casual, not so gaudy looking) and continue back talking..
outrageous attitude..
i mean u are a worker there and how dare u judge how rich a person is on how she/he looks..
so my dad just ignored the fella(s) and went on looking around..
they didn bother to tell us anything about it.. i mean its not everyday we memorise brands from all over the world..
i know you are working at a famous brand shop but still, manners are still manners..
i think they looked at us and think that 'oh, this guy wont buy anything from here'..
come on!
its common courtesy to greet ur guest, say a little hello and introduce a few sales product here and there...
if u warm up to the customer, they might eventually probably buy one of the products..
so if high class salesmen and saleswomen are not going to waste their SALIVA, they might as well risk any commission or sales..
damn it.. stupid people..

this is only referring to certain shops..
some of the shops are really nice.. they open the door for u, greet u with a warm smile and said thank you or good day after u finished browsing their items eventhough you didn buy anything..
which is something that people should learn...
i really hope that one day, when i earn enough, i would go back to that particular mall, wearing only simple t-shirt and jeans, walk around and buy something expensive, scare them to death..

ok then people, thats all for today!!


p/s: dun judge a person by their looks.. how many times had a person died in those movies when they think the person looking like a killer is not a killer?