Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Been A Long Time...

i really, really hope that people are not forgetting that i have updated and tried to crap more in my blog here...
it seems that the first semester of my new college life had juts pass..
teachers will be new..
new subjects to learn..
new books to buy..
new assignments to do..
and a whole new 4 months to pass through...
a whole new semester is around the corner and somehow, i couldn't see any excitement in that..

no feeling...
maybe i knew the fact that nothing is the same as it will be..
i will accept changes in life but sometimes changes hurts..
i will still be the same old LoneLy girl..

bear.. hmm.. the same..
lonely in heart but im still happy like always..

felt very left out recently..
maybe i miss a lot of things bah..
i can't do everything..
i might as well forget about it la..

then, i shall see you all next time..
my mum is scolding me for writing again..
not doing my work..
keep in touch!!

p/s: is in Muar now.. and proud of it..
pp/s: pls do msg me or anything... i miss a lot of ppl.. and i felt so left out..


Monday, May 24, 2010


yesterday was like the best day ever!!!
went out to melaka for a movie outing..
not A movie..
but TWO movies!!!
shrek in 3D and Ip Man 2..
went with my sister and her boyfriend..
im lie a lamppost..
standing by the garden bench..
looking at people crossing in front of me..
like no one cares that im there..

its been a really nice day and
as in a lot ok...
i ate mcd for lunch..
movie starts at 1.50..
at the regular box type of gsc popcorn with mineral water...
the whole box til empty by myself..
went to the second lunch at 3.30...
ate at mcd again...
went to the second movie at 4.30....
didn manage to eat any popcorn again..
and went back to muar just in time for dinner of wan tan mee.....
did i mention i ate the whole long tumbler of junk food on the way go and back..
im really good...

so, today...
i start my work sleepily..
very sleepily..


Monday, May 17, 2010


i have been waiting and waiting for the day to come where we will have this trip to genting and sunway but too bad, IT IS CANCELLED..


my first outing with friends that i never go out before...
miss my chance..

anyway, my new update for today..
i bought and spent..
a) a new final fantasy VII dvd for RM 9.90
b) shared BOYS OVER FLOWERS dvd with my sis which cost RM 99.90
c) OPPS cheese tarts that cost RM21 for 6 pieces
d) secret recipe food that cost RM30
so means that i spent around RM116 in one day plus my lunch at Plaza Siswa...

i spent too much alr..
and i thought of buying 2 anime just now..
what is wrong with me?
nothing is wrong..

finished Left 4 Dead which i downloaded the whole night yesterday..
damn creepy..
and i couldn't survive till the last episode..
i'm like WTF???!!!
nailed by F*ucking Tank!!
Left 4 Dead 2 is okay..
just finished till Dead Carnival..
the Concert is the best..

now, looking forward to sleeping and finishing the exam real soon..

am i blind or maybe over sensitive or is it just me?
maybe its just me.. (reminds me of the song, Maybe by Secondhand Serenade.. try The Call too. never like it better)

that's all..
i will update the next time i have time..


p/s: finished my maths with a slap in the face.. huhuhu T.T i can't do!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What Am I Suppose To SAY???

well, Mr. E posted on my wall about some guy he is matchmaking me with him..
how he likes me and try asking my so-called brother-in-law...
i have total no comment on that but i think that guy i am matchmake with is angry..
i think so..
dunno this is call unlucky or lucky..
its kinda very awkward coz it's PUBLIC!!!
i don't know what to say so i just er............................................... at his wall..
life is like this?
no comment..

am i meant to be invisible in life?

so now, daily update on my life..
nothing happen..
except i at 2 dinners..
yes 2 dinners..
your eyes are not deceiving..
hey!! its real!!!
i know i'm fat!!
it's my life, not yours!!
ok i'm just plain getting emo now coz my pimples are popping out..
go away!!!
*beep, beep, beep, beeeeep, beep, beeeeeeeeeeee, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*

the end..

Monday, May 10, 2010

Writer's Block. Exam Week.

total block in the head..
nothing to f*ucking write in my blog now so i will just crap like no one's business?
next week is going to be exam week..
very scared le..
haven't even started yet..
ok la.. that's all..
joking joking..

anyway, after exam there will eba trip up to genting and sunway with my foundation classmates..
i just can't wait..
hopefully, it will be the best trip ever..
it's the first time i ever go out with my friends for a trip..
so, it's not that bad since we are staying like 2 nights there..
small small small extra small room..
4 in one...
cram everybody in a small room.. haha...

something came across my mind when i look thru facebook..
i'm ignored!
thrown aside!
the question is 'by who?'
by who?
well, let me..
just practically a lot of people..
you know who you are..
well, they dun even read my blog..
fine then..

bye bye...
tummy ache ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
toilet here i come!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


no matter how many times i think about this thing, all i can say impossible..
i really, really am desperate huh?
maybe i am..
its impossible for me to open my mouth to say anything to you..
anyway, i have only seen you once, so i might as well just shush and zip and padlock my mouth..
all of this make me sound like a stalker so i better stop whatever i am doing..
although i cant avoid the feelings, i will have to throw it so that it will not bother you anymore..
it was nice knowing you..
only for a day..
silly me..
love doesn't come a day..
right now i will just have to sit back and relax and concentrate on my studies so to my classmates, if i'm not paying attention pls slap me..
i need it..
thank you..

we never spoke but the silence is good enough...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


everything now is officially a fever..
even i am having a fever!!!
i downloaded maid-sama (actually it's not me, it's my friend.. i just take the file from here..hehe..)
i downloaded all 103 episodes of D.Gray-Man..
downloading The Law of Ueki...
now still thinking what to downloaded..
exam coming still want to watch..
that must be what you all are thinking about..
i call this as destressing..
not watching..
Justin Bieber..
i have no comments but his songs are just overplayed..
i love it!!!!

Mother's day is coming..
can't go back.. T.T
sister got exam now so no one to fetch me back..
apparently, i dun have any Muarian friend except Wei Yao which can be consider as a stranger also..
i never talk to him before..
see him yes but not talk..

i am writing this post is actually because i'm waiting for the you tube to load the video..
but i have decided not to touch maple since my account is already been hacked..
still mourning on my fate..

i hear the same song for 50 times also i'm not bored with it..
i have everything about one piece and i am proud of it...
very happy!!!
cant wait for the next box of episode to come out..

time to go... i think the loading is done..
c ya next time..
still am single but unavailable..
luv u all!!!
muaxx muaxx muaaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxx.......

Monday, May 3, 2010


i finished it!!!
i just finished the whole manga of EYESHIELD 21!!!!!!!!

i love this manga a lot!!
too bad i have to say goodbye to it so soon..
anyway, exam coming so i better stop..
thanks to

author:Riichiro Inagaki
artist:Yusuke Murata

damn nice........

ok la..
i better go sleep..
good night...

Saturday, May 1, 2010


i'm going to write this because i have TOTALLY NO idea what to write for my essay.
yesterday, i went shopping for groceries with my housemates.
when i was ready to pay the cashier put only 2 items into a plastic bag and another 3 small items into a BIG plastic.
i was like.. er.. dude...
but somehow, i couldn't push myself to tell him, er... is it a her? i dunno. he is a sissy guy..
very obvious with his hairstyle and his hand gestures and the slowness he worked in putting things into a plastic bag.
i thought that saturday is suppose to be a NO PLASTIC BAG DAY!!!
i had already decided to hold my frozen nuggets and maggi mee with my 100 plus all the way to the car park but still nevermind la..
one won't hurt..
but two!!!
two plastic bags??
i can see many people holding the special shopping bag the mall provided but still i feel so ashamed of myself for having two in my hands and saying that i'm an environmentalist.
huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu.... T.T
most of the times when i go shopping i will say 'no plastic bags please'..
i will stuff it no matter how big it is into my small sling bag..
books, disc and and even a mousepad into my bag..
i can do it!
why can't you?

but the most surprising one is a group of youngsters (probably my age but a bit older by a year or two) had this shopping bag too..
and guess what..
there are plastic bags jotting out of the bag..
i'm trying so damn f*cking hard not to laugh out loud..
youngsters nowadays..
luckily the plastic bags are biodegradable..

ok then..
that's all for today.
i shall say goodbye for today and go back to my assignment..
for now!!
muax muaxx..


Emo-ing You, Idiots!!!

currently, i think i'm in my PMS stage so i kepp on emo-ing..
what the hel-heaven!!!
that's what my teacher taught me..
it's polite cursing..

so currently, i'm between a lot of things..
the war with myself in finishing my assignments and i keep PROCRASTINATING!!!!
the biggest war ever, World War Three..
i find war the worst..
both parties bomb each other but what will happen at the one's at the center?
they suffer from all the bombing, helpless and killed merciless..
why don't people understand the word called 'peace'?
it's a nice word..
peace, brothers, peace..
peace, sisters, peace..
but the truth is it's easier to make war than peace..
if people know how to make peace there will never be World War One and Two..
so might as well just get over with it ASAP!!

i'm also emo-ing about my favourite subject...
although so many people had told me that i'm never alone, i still cannot overcome this..
i'm desperate!!!!
that is the worst thing that can happen to me..
just look at me..
what is good about me that you can see?
there is a few..
but still it's not enough to proof to myself that it's still enough..

i'm blurr now..
might as well update tmr..
PMS GO AWAY!!!!!!!!
bye guys..
see ya..