Thursday, March 24, 2011

hiya all...

anyway, since i made this new blogskin... the comment box is beside the date... its a bit covered... ^^ enjoy..

today i shall rant everything out..
so, i just finished watching little mermaid...
lol.. just trying to get back to my young times where i watch mulan and beauty and the beast and pocahontas and lion king...
even the song is in my head now...

everyday i was wishing so damn much dat i dun have this lonely feeling..
there is always this empty feeling..
something is missing..
no matter what i do..
suddenly it will just pop out just like a firework...
then the whole environment and emotions turn dull...
i really hate this feeling..
i dunno if having a special someone will cover the hole?
maybe even a thing that i always wanted will cover the hole?
its such a pain in the ass....

i hope it will just go away one day...
im already 19 and im having this problem...
hopefully i wont become a single old aunty..
time to go..
need to catch up with my gintama... ^^

goodnight/good morning all...


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


what happened when u really cant let go of someone?
forget about him, move on, get on with ur life!!
dats what most people will say..

this few days i've been having this illness called love sickness...
a few sad songs here, a wonderful fairy tale will not cure anything...
weird huh?
so, what will be ur take?
forget about the past and move on?
or return back to the start?

Can You?

can you be my UHU glue?
can you be my cellophane tape?
can you be my tissue?
can you be my blog?
can you be my song?
can you be my diary?
can you be my teddy bear?
can you be my telephone?
can you be my ice cream?

i don't ask for much.......
can you?