Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Stuff Don't Come Easy

After few days of begging and begging, FINALLY my dad says yes to my new phone.
All sponsored and the phone is already ordered.
I am so damn excited to come back to Muar for the weekend for my phone. (ok this sounds really bad because I come back for a phone instead of my family, oh the horror!)
But i couldn't get it yet because the stock is not here yet.
And i expected so much from it.
I can't wait to try!!
Anyways, there is nothing much that happened to me this weekend..
A nosebleed and a backache.
I am having the backache right now and it is really uncomfortable..
I have been having nosebleed for a few times already.
It looks really bad to me, but it only happens to me when i'm back here.
Must be the air-cond.

Bersih 3.0 had just ended yesterday.
I wasn't there, so i can't give much of my own comments to this issue.
But i believe that the people and the government must know that a country is not the land or the government. A country is its people. Without the people, what is a country?
There are many different reports from different parties.
Believing both sides will only cloud the mind.
So, i am just going to sit on the fence because no use pointing fingers at others when the truth is uncertain.

I think I should get my sleep now.
I will try to write more..
This blog is getting more and more dead.
Bye for now..

Monday, April 16, 2012

Decisions! Decisions!

yes, i know.. I still have my old phone and my old phone is still working..
it's getting slower though..
2 years this coming July..
so, i have looked on countless smartphones all the way from HTC to Samsung...
I decided on these few phones:
1. HTC One X
2. HTC Sensation XE
3. Samsung Galaxy S2
4. wait for Samsung Galaxy S3..

well, i looked at reviews, youtube videos, ask everyone i know.. and the list is based on the level that i want the phone..
so, now i need the reader's opinion..
Yes to new phone?? No to new phone??
If not, why????
If yes, which one???
Thank you!!

p/s: i'm going to pay for my own phone bill and everything.. -sigh- but dad is going to sponsor for my phone (hopefully.. -fingers crossed- )