Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Leave Me Alone..

so just because i didn on for a few months due to finals u just cut of a friendship just like dat..
people can be really funny some times...

forget about it..
a lost friendship is a friendship never meant to be...
so, i was having my finals like wat i stated up there..
the first paper was business statistics...
thank u teacher!!
although i seldom go to class, and have a stupid brain freeze during the paper, i manage to do it nicely and all done..
a few mistakes here and there but its ok..
hopefully i can get a big A for stats..

next paper which i have this morning is Accounting 2..
i really really really dun like to do accounts when i dun understand any of them..
i mean i read till 4 in the morning like stats also..
but i cant answer as nicely as stats..
i did not get brain freeze like stats but still i manage to finish all 3 questions..
which was a good job already..
luckily there are 2 question for 2 topics that i read last night..
or else im dead and have to rely on MCQ and also T/F..
which im really bad at..

3 more papers to go till finals end..
hopefully i can grab hold of that 3.3 and stay in Melaka where my heart is..

thats all i have for u today..
thankz to all of u readers that ad endured my non-stop emoness..
bad english..


Monday, January 10, 2011


back to school.... back to books.. back to assignments and quiz..
i hate it..
i was happily shopping in Ipoh and KL last weekend..
though im a little angry too since my brother got ANOTHER SubZero shirt for his new year clothes..
lucky bastard... =.=
i dun even have one not that i can wear it nicely since im growing fatter and fatter by day..
i cant believe after eating watermelons and a cup noodle (the big one), im still hungry...
say only...
so now im back to books and so on...
exams on this week..
a lot to study and learn..
im so damn scared that i couldnt hold on to that 3.3 CGPA to stay here and not go to Cyberjaya..
no offence but Cyber is a bit dead...
sry eva..

so now, im busy blogging and not studying and worrying that i didn get 3.3... =.=
suddenly, that K-on clock give me a scare...
it has the voices of all characters that will say the time every hour..
and i have my headphone on and the volume up...
i nearly jumped out of my skin..
sometimes the things u like will be a problem..

i saw him today at ixora foodcourt..
nothing special...

anyway, best of luck to all my classmates..
Good Luck in Finals..
lets do our best... ^^

p/s: lazy~


Tuesday, January 4, 2011


sometimes emo songs does sooth a crying heart...

man, i so love secondhand serenade.. i hope i can actually see them in KL on the 11th of January but finals is near and i don't have transport up and im totally bankrupt.
might as well forget about it and concentrate on my studies...

cant u see that im in love with u?
all are in vain when nothing is clear..
so i will wash away my tears with the falling rain..
hoping only for the best for you..

p/s: wtf... emo!!! damn double personality of being a non-emo and a super-emo.. argh!!! i hate me!!