Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This Sucks...

i find my blog a failure.. not even a hand of people actually take a peek in this.. well, i canot blame them.. maybe they just lazy to type lo.. ok fine.. nothing else to write..

will be going to Malacca for my foundation of accountancy next year.. multimedia university to be exact.. not going to Sunway already.. too bad la.. not going to see anyone in KL.. goodbye all.. going next year in the end January..

just change the blog skin..


ok nothing to write..


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nothing i could say..

Sometimes i keep asking myself the same old fucking thing..


ok that is stupid.. really stupid.. i duno if love do hurt and heal at the same time... hmmm... gonna do a research on dat.. someday..
well, i manage to clear all the old stuffs i had during my suffering years of a 17 year old.. i found my book.. my blue one actually.. my i-actually-completed-the-story book.. i read it through once.. and oh my goodness.. i can't believe i actually wrote (why am i not surprise when i wrote that 6 words).. the story doesn't suck.. just feels a bit weird.. probably from the long-time-no-write-a-story experience.. ok i have really nothing to say.. weix teach me to crap.. and i crapped but still not enough to atually feel one just nice length of post..

now only i know that kristen stewart was in the movie Zathura, a space adventure.. it was a nice show.. the astronaut was cute, if you know what i mean.. no wonder the girl look so familiar.. the hair, the face... but still THE guy playting Jacob Black in New Moon is my top.. Taylor Lautner.. Beautiful. just love him.. i love Taylor, not Jacob.. Sry, no offence to Jacob fans out there which is a total 0% since i found out no one read this.. sucks, i think my brain is jammed again.. can't think bout anything to write..


ok dat's all i think.. bye..

p/s: i really suck in writing.. hope you don't mind the mistakes..

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Life Sucks Don't You Know That..

ok i admit.. my life sucks a lot..

i have been waiting for this day for so long.. four weeks of boredom and suffering..
at last, away from hell..
no more tuition, no more books, only me and my i-already-start-to-feel-a-little-bored life.
tuition ends, no more friends to kacau.. ahhhhhh......... im going to miss convent.. really, truly, deeply do.. muah muah.. the people, teachers and most of all the cosy school.. that is said to be haunted.. that makes all the thrill!!! haha..

going to find something nice to do coz i don't think i have anyhting to do except to keep typing and typing and typing becoz imagine that i have nothing to do!

please recommend me something except breathing, reading books, blogging and shopping.. i am doing this right now..

currently still learning how to work this blog up.. very confusing.. wat am i doing???

ok gtg now.. wan to play some silly games, killing monsters.. the usual.. byebye!!

......................sign out.........................

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Having Exams But Still Can Play..

Hahahaha... Exams going to end in another 3 days but really can't wait ahhh............. last paper chemistry.. how am i going to survive with chemist?????

yesterday went to.... KL!!!!!! oh yeah.. it's the YEAR END SALE!!! don't tell me shopping is boring.. fetch my sister from malacca at 7.45 in the morning ( wat the ****), then, went to Midvalley to buy my sis's suit.. court suit.. dam nice oo.. discount discount discount everywhere... bought a shirt in G2000.. hehe.. nice~.. will not be wearing it till next year.. too bad.. had breakfast at Steven's teacorner (had superb non sweet teh tarik and nasi lemak with nasi rendang.. very nice but cost RM10.88 for dat.. hmmph hmmph..) fetch my bro from the airport afterwards.. came back from Taiwan trip.. Lucky him.. couldn't stop talking bout it till today (sickeningly jealous bout his trip).. then, went shopping at the same place again.. eat lunch at 4.00 in the evening (funny time) at a restaurant Canton-i.. (hmmph hmmph scary prices for a Muarian) eat the best egg tart and dessert and tried prawns that are soooo springy.. yes! springy! nice~.... have to sacrifice myself for good food.. huhuhhu T.T

Later walk around trying to find a nice snow globe to buy for my christmas.. uhhh... none can be found.. no nice de!!!!! couldn't buy a jigsaw puzzle but will try to buy next time.. then, went home but on the way, decided to stop at Dunkin' Donut's.. quite late so couldn't find any donuts.. went to KFC.. OMG!!! hahaha.. Fried Chicken yay!!!!! Love it.. That's dinner for us at 9.oo (timing all off, gone haywire).. went home, reach home, sing birthday song for my dad (Happy Birthday, Daddy!!! Hope he read this...) and go to sleep...

that's all that actually happen dat time.. going off now.. dam tired.. ow waiting for my online game to load.. (exam haven over start playing already) hope the girl who uses this computer can be very patient with my pc.. poor pc.. full of viruses but still love u after so many hardships together.. huhuhu T.T..

Friday, October 30, 2009


wooo.. online 2 times this week.. i am such a bad gurl... haha... how am i going to survive if no one sees my blog? T.T i'm so despo, man.... aww.. shit la.. i dun feel like writing.. maybe just too tired..
check out mine and weix blog.. gogo...

nothing much happen today.. it's only 11.04a.m.. y is it the always i on this blog and the FB i got really really bored. i never did that b4!! oh no am i sick of onlining?? NO WAY!!! pls send your blog address to me so that i can cease my boredness to zero%..

ppl seems to be like waiting for 2012 to come.. when was it? the day earth will explode "ka-boom"?
21 of 12 2012 i think? well, in my opinion i do think that it's weird.. i don't really believe in it but wat to do... news of it are everywhere.. wat will happen to human beings and the animals.. poor animals.. habitat taken away by humans and now earth is going to hit planet X and die... y can't anyone just try to help them? it's a good thing too.. u will never regret it.. not that im asking you to give your flesh and let the tigers to eat but stop global warming! stop hunting for ivory, their body parts.. support their habitat by not touching anything or join NGO to help them.. together we can do it..

i know all you ever read is blah, blah, blah but if im not true, pls tell me..

Tips for today:
What are you going to do when you have only 2 hours of water before every single drop of water is gone? Is that ever going to happen? You may not know. So, use less water to bathe. Hey, don't tell me you need to spend like 2 hours in the toilet just to shower. 20 minutes will be enough. Avoid using the shower. Use the bath. Not the bath tub. Collect water then use a bucket to scoop and whatsoever. That's very easy. Save water. It's very very valueble to all living beings. Save the planet. *wink*

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Blog! See it!! A must!!

Hayo all!!! Long time no see.. Kinda busy doing things.. You know the usual studying for the coming spm.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH................... im so gonna freak out anytime.. it's so near and i haven even read a single thing...
now, in weix's house... couldn't on for the next 5 weeks.. couldn't stand it.. i will die in pain and suffer if i didn't online. thanks to her.. once before my biggest exam of my secondary life, i could on and type..
story going on fine.. will be adding the 2nd chapter after exam, for the info of any readers out there.
it will not be a let down to anyone.. haha.. hope you all will enjoy all of the above things available.. i kinda like if u all could give a few suggestion or comments.. thank you!!!!

amy & weix's blog.. open ceremony today.. haha.. everything done in one day.. imagine that.. including the name and the skin and MY BLOG's skin.. it was quite fun.. hopefully can write more but there is nothing i can do with the time factor.. oh, fucking time.. please stop... i don't want to take SPM!!!!
AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm gonna freak out anytime...
how oh how will i survive this terror in strike...

there will be a new section in my blog... called....................................... Tips for today.. all consists of tips on saving the earth. hope u can actually do ur part in saving this place we call home..

Tips for today:
Recycling. Collect lots and lots of recycle items like newspaper, tins, glass bottles or even clothes.. All these are very valuable resources.. Bring it to the nearest recycling centre as you all know. Then, start recycling. Recycling not only makes you stronger (carrying all those things, phew!) and also keeps the earth clean.. Do your part then!!! XD

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

this is only for testing!!!!

my fave song...

another one of it.. enjoy..

i really love one piece..

all thanks to YZ, vincent, Adrian, and me cousins.. thank you all...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Let's continue with it...

It's been a while i online.. Well, actually it's only 2 days haha... But it seems like forever to me.. ok then, i think i should continue the story now..

I wandered around the forest for a very long time but luckily, i did manage to reach Landsville. I was walking like usual one day when i saw a bird with silver wings looking at me, perching on top of one of the branches of a big oak tree. I chased after it and suddenly i found myself in Landsville. What a surprise! Then, the bird is just gone in a flash. Lansville is very big but not as big as MainLand, another town by the coastal area. A very busy place, full of people from other parts of the country to trade. Landsville has the biggest knight's training ground after the one near the castle where our beloved King Albestar stayed. It's easy to find where Uncle Ben stayed. A small sign hanging from the roof of an inn indicates it's Uncle Ben's inn. The people there are also friendly and my dad seems very famous in the town. People knew him as the famous swordmaker in the country. Woohoo!!! My dad rocks!!

Uncle Ben: (laugh out loud) You got lost on your way and you actually made it? You really amuse me, Kayle.
Kayle: Err.. Uncle Ben, do you mind if i ask something?
Uncle Ben: Ask away!
Kayle: (stomach growling) Hehe..
Aunty Sidney: (bang Uncle Ben's head with her fist) Look at the poor girl. Come inside, Kayle. Come on now.I'm going to get ready the water for your bath. You go sit at the table. Have anything you want. (smile and walk away)
Uncle Ben: You didn't meet even a single ogre? That is very lucky, you know, with all the raids now.
Kayle: The village is raided by ogres 3 days ago. I couldn't find mum or dad anywhere.
Uncle Ben: Before the raid, they asked you to come here?
Kayle: Yah. (choked on the drumstick she was eating)
Uncle Ben: I see. (pat her on the back) You are really lucky to stay alive. Ogres don't know mercy. (sigh) I don't know when will this town will be raided by the ogres.
Aunty Sidney: You better don't say that. I want to stay alive. You die, i don't care at all. Kayle, your bath is ready. Why is your face so red?
Kayle: Nothing, just choked while eating, that's all.
(A boy peeked through the window beside the table)
Kayle: (stare at him for a moment)
Uncle Ben: That's my favourite student. Name's Ray. He's a shy boy.
Kayle: Oh.
Uncle Ben: Hey, Kayle! Where do you want me to put this?
Kayle: Oh, i haven't opened it since that day. ( take it and open slowly)

A small rolled up scroll fell out. I took hold of it quickly before it rolled down the table. It's for Uncle Ben. I picked it up and passed it to him. Then i pushed the cloth away. There laid a sword so beautifully made. Must be my dad that made it. It looked so lovely when the light from the lamp reflected on the blade and the small jewels of blue and red twinkled. There is a small silk handkerchief. In it was a small necklace with a emerald cut diamond. It's mum's necklace. A drop of tear flowed down my cheek and onto the necklace. It's her favourite necklace!

Uncle Ben: Hey, Kayle. I think you better go take your bathe before Aunty Sidney yells the inn down and scare all the customers away. I will put your things in your room. Go on!
Kayle: Uncle Ben? Where are you huffing and puffing like that? Are you goin to blow the house down?
Uncle Ben: You don't have any trouble carrying this sword with you all the way here? It's very heavy.
Kayle: Nope. No problem with me. Why?
Uncle Ben : I see. It means that the sword is meant for you. You can carry it easily but others can't. Your dad is the only one that can do that. Ever wonder why he always wear a thick glove while making swords?
Kayle: Because the metal is hot?
Uncle Ben: That is one of the reasons but it's to protect his hands from touching them. The sword choses it's own owner. Do you know that? It thinks whether it will be handled with care or roughly in the future. If it doesn't suit the owner, the sword will become blunt and is very heavy to be used. To be exact, it will be useless to that person and he has to find another person. But your dad will never make an unsuitable sword for anyone. He is the best.
Kayle: I see.
Aunty Sidney: Kayle!
Kayle: Coming!!!! (run upstairs to find Aunty Sidney)

The next day....
Uncle Ben: (knock on the door) Kayle! Oh.. I mean Kale!
Kayle: Kale? Who Kale?
Uncle Ben: Your boy name. Don't say that you don't need one. You have a lesson today. So, Quickly get up!
Kayle: Ok! Ok! What lessons anyway?
Uncle Ben: Sword-fighting lessons. Very important lesson. How can you be a knight if you don't know how to fight.
Kayle: how do you know i want to be a knight?
Uncle Ben: Here. (pull out the scroll) Your dad wrote to me about everything. I'm the school's teacher so i will be teaching you and all the other boys too.
Aunty Sidney: (knock Uncle Ben out of the way) Your breakfast. And i have to cut your hair short whether you like it or not.
Kayle: Really? (smile widely) I have always wanted my hair short. (pick up a toast and eat it)
Aunty Sidney: Sit still, ok?
Kayle: Are you sure you can cut it or i should go to the barber.
Aunty Sidney: I can manage it. (cut Kayle's hair)
Uncle Ben: Do you know why i have this bald spot on my head here? Your aunt cut it.
Kayle: What?!
Aunty Sidney: (grab hold of the tray and throw it hard on Uncle Ben's face)
Uncle Ben: (hit full on the face) Oww.. (quickly walk away wiht the tray)
Aunty Sidney: That old man doesn't want to admit that he is already old. Here you go. (pass a mirror) What do you think?
Kayle: (touch her hair) Beautiful, Aunty Sidney! I can't believe it. I have short hair now. Yay!
Aunty Sidney: (smile at her) Go change now. You and that old man have some walking to do. (walk out)
Uncle Ben: You already done changing, Kale?
Kayle: Wait! Wait! Alright! I'm ready. I can't wait!
Uncle Ben: (walk down the path) Act a little rough ok. Do anything you want. I won't stop you.
Kayle: Thanks, Uncle Ben.
Uncle Ben: (chuckle) Here we are.

I couldn't believe what i'm seeing. It's an actual training ground. so much different from the one that i have at the back of my house. The training groung has the view if the mountains behind, the row of small houses at the end, three horse stables on the left, a field in the middle and a few houses on the right side. It's huge.

Uncle Ben: It's not that much. Not as big as the one at the castle, though.
Kayle: Wow!
Uncle Ben: Gather around please boys! This is Kale. He is new here. Treat him well.
All: Hi!
Kayle: HI!
Uncle Ben: They lived at the houses back there. Hostels actually. Aunty Sidney is arranging that you live at the inn. She might get a fright of her life if you live with them. She wants you under her nose all the time. (laugh) Don't tell her that.
Kayle: Right....
Uncle Ben: Let's carry on with the lessons then. Get in line! Kale! You just follow what they do. Basic no. 1!
All: Make sure your shoes are tied up properly! (bend down and check)
Uncle Ben: Basic no. 2!
All: Make sure you swords is always b eside you ALL THE TIME.
Uncle Ben: Good! Basic no.3!
All: Check the area around to find if anyone is in danger!
Uncle Ben: Can find anyone?
All: Nope!
Uncle Ben: Take your staff and let's go!

I will not write everything about the lessons because that will take me years to write it down. Lessons is tough. You get hit practically everywhere. I got bruises here and there but i didn't complain. A knight will have to endure more than bruises next time. Horse- riding is so damn embarassing. I manage to get up my horse but it kicked me down again.

All except Ray (i noticed): (laughing their heads off)
Ray: (peek from behind the crowd, takes a deep breath and walk up to help Kayle up)
Kayle: Thank you.
Ray: (give a small smile, nod and quickly run away)
Uncle Ben: Boys! Aunty Sidney and Marion are here!
All: Yay! (run like goats free from the stable)
Uncle Ben: Hey! What did i say?
All: Knights should walk with dignity and honor. Not like children who has never seen a candy in their own life before.
Uncle Ben: Good. Line up and show the ladies your manners.
All: Yes, Uncle Ben.
Kayle: Uncle Ben, why is Ray so shy? He is a boy, right? Boys shouldn't be shy.
Uncle Ben: You don't have to worry about that. Go get your lunch, Kale. I hope you don't mind eating with the boys?
Kayle: (bow to Uncle Ben and go to the canteen which is the biggest building there.)
Boy#1: You are Kale? (put his tray down in front of Kayle)
Boy#2: Looks like a girl to me.
Boy#3: Girls don't come here. They have to cook and sew at home.
Ray: (said in a small voice) That is why we need to protect them!
All the 3 boys: (look at him, surprised)
Boy#1: Oh. Look at the noble Ray. So honourable!
Boy#3: You are so timid and shy. You can't even stand for your own self!
Ray: (blush and look down)
Boy#2: You want to protect others? Why don't you learn to protect yourself first? Let me teach you!
Kayle: Hey! Bullying is not a knight's thing.
Aunty Sidney: (whisper to Uncle Ben) Are you goin to go there?
Uncle Ben: Let's just watch.
Boy#1: You have no right to talk to a senior like that! I'm Andrew, The oldest, most handsome one here.
Boy#2: I'm Edmund, the smart one.
Boy#3: I'm Matthew, the stong one.
Andrew: Did i asked you to introduce yourselves?
Matthew: Sorry, boss.
Andrew: Anyway, Newcomer. Never get in my way if you don't want to suffer for your entire life here.
Kayle: Oh, yeah?! A duel! You and me! There! Now! (point at the field)
All: (muttering) This is going to be good.
Uncle Ben: (continue with his lunch, ignoring Kayle)
Andrew: You will go hide behind you mother's skirt when this ends.
Andrew: I'm going to get you, Kale! You are going to be so dead! Next time we meet, you are going down!
Matthew and Edmund: (carry Andrew away)
All: (cheer and the crowd diperse off)
Ray: ( look at Kayle) That is very brave of you. Thank you, Kale.
Kayle: (grin at him and rub her bruises)
Ray: Wait here. I go get some thing. Stay right there. (run off)
Kayle: [My first battle! And i won! Yay!]
Ray: (pull out some bandages) Here. Let me help you with that. Luckily you use staffs. If real swords, it will get bloody.
Kayle: Thanks, Ray. Why are you so shy? You should be strong and stand up for yourself!
Ray: I can't help it. I couldn't get along with anybody since i was a little kid. I'm only six anyway. I have a lot to learn too.
Kayle: I think you can do it.
Ray: Thank you again for standing up for me, Kale!
Kayle: (grin and wave goodbye to Ray)(walk back to the canteen)
Uncle Ben: That is very brave of you, Kale. (lean against the doorway)
Kayle: Did you see it? How cool is that!!!
Aunty Sidney: Not cool! Look at you! You are going back and learn how to cook and sew and clean up the house like a normal lady.
Kayle: But-
Aunty Sidney: No buts. You are still a lady, Kayle.
Uncle Ben: You will be the multipurpose lady knight who knows everything. Your father will be so proud.
Kayle: Really? (blink at him)
Uncle Ben: There goes the puppy face again. Let's go back to the inn now.
Kayle: Ok!!

Since that memorable day, Ray and I like the best buds in the school. We practise together, eat together, climb trees, go fishing,ride horses and we do nothing if one of us is not around which is impossible. After so many years, Ray had built up his confidence in himself. He is more braver, smarter, and stonger. So different from the small boy that always hide behind everyone's back whom i meet long time ago. He is also so much taller, more muscular and even more handsome than that Andrew. He is so different but one thing about him never change. He is still so....

Kayle: Naive.
Ray: What? (pull out his tongue) Oww...
Kayle: I told you. That is a popsberry! You only eat that one at a time. It's quite dangerous.
Ray: I just want to know how it feels like eating five together. (fanning his tongue with his hands) You should try it. It's a blast.
Kayle: Really? Maybe just two.
Ray: Don't be a chicken. Take four!
Kayle: Hey!!

After a few years....
Ray: (slap Kayle on the back) Hey, Kale!
Kayle: Hi!
Ray: So, another year huh?
Kayle: Yah! Another year to freedom and out of this place. (glance at Uncle Ben)
Uncle Ben: (his back facing them) I can hear you, Kale!
Kayle: (chuckle)
Ray: (grin) What are you going to do after you graduated?
Kayle: Go to the knight's official training ground at the castle, train to be the knight for Avalon and maybe, be one of the knights of the round table!
Ray: Wow! That is a very big dream!
Kayle: What are you going to do?
Ray: Well... There si something i need to tell you.
Kayle: Sure. Spit it out!
Ray: I am actually-
Uncle Ben: Hey! Lazing around again?
Kayle: We have been practising the whole morning and afternoon. Can't we rest for a while?
Uncle Ben: Excuses, excuses. Knights don't give excuses. You should go-
Man#1: Excuse me. Uncle Ben? Can we talk to you for a minute?
Uncle Ben: Sure.
Man#1: We are here for the boy.
Uncle Ben: (look at the other people that starts to come) Let's go there then. (point at the canteen)
(The boys stop practising and look at the guards standing in line at the gate.)

I don't know what just happened. They are arguing and arguing until that man pulled out a scroll. Uncle Ben looked at the scroll and he gave in. He held his hands up and said something. That guy nodded at Uncle Ben and Uncle Ben went into the canteen. Later, Aunty Sidney took me back to the inn. The boys are sent back to the hostel except Ray. I couldn't do anything. No goodbyes or slapping on each other backs or a knock on the head. I was separated from my best buddy that day and that was tha last time i saw him.

This is actually the end of chapter 1. I'm so damn tired of typing and typing. The McD that looks so tempting is in front of me.. Arghh.. Got to go.. VERY Famished now.. Hope you will enjoy this story. It's not that good but don't know why i love it.. Please tell me if there is any mistakes or you want to give a few comments or ideas. You are always welcome. Thank you! Have fun! See Yah!

The names are all been made up and it has no relationship with anyone that is mentioned either dead or alive. The story is all made up to and hopefully all the wrong things stated are pardoned and i apologised sincerely for any thing wrong. Thank You.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


OK I'M SO EXCITED THAT HOLIDAY'S ACTUALLY HERE NOW!!!! TRIAL HAS ENDED... i'm just to excited that i want to go kai kai now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm still having a lot of problem in blogging (since no one is reading sobz sobz).. i tried to change this skin but i can't arghhh.... but nevermind..

The story i wrote yesterday.. i will be continuing it.. and will be adding frequently if the comments i get is approving and positive.. This is another one.. Not sure if it's nice or not..

Lady Kayle, the one and only
lady knight in Avalon. That is what they call me this days. I'm not being arrogant or what but i cannot deny that is the truth. Ladies in that year are suppose to be in houses, sewing, cleaning, cooking, taking care of children and blah, blah, blah, boringg. I hate it. I was only six when i dreamt to be free. I want to be out there,outside those windows and walls and doors to the green, green grass and tall trees. I want to be like the boys, walking around the village of Rustwood, running, chasing chickens and cows, fishing and swimming in the river nearby. I want to experience everything where there are totally no boundaries,no sadness but only happiness until one day, i I learnt that i was wrong.

Kayle: (whistling)
Mummy: Kayle, don't whistle, you are a girl.
Kayle: (pull out her tongue)
Daddy: You can't do anything to that girl. (laugh) She wants to be a knight.
Kayle: I want to be the one who saves the world from chaos and misery. I want to be the first lady knight of all history!
Mummy: There you go again. (laugh) Come here. Let's see if i can sew you a dress.
(People screaming)
Daddy: Oh, no. It's earlier than i expected.
Mummy: The raid?! Kayle, come. Quick!
Kayle: What? What is going on?
Mummy: Don't ask. (pull open the basement door)
Daddy: (pull out two swords) Yours, dear.
Mummy: Get in, Kayle. We don't have much time.
Kayle: No! I don't want to. I want to know what is going on!!
Daddy: Get in, Kayle. Now. (pass her a wrapped item). Hold on to this like it's your dear life. Hold on to it!
Kayle: But-
Daddy: Listen to me! No matter what you here, stay there. After two days, come out and head north. You will reach Landsville. Ask for your Uncle Ben. We must leave you now.
Mummy: I love you, Kayle. Take care! (hug and kiss her on both of her cheeks)
Kayle: Wait! Mummy! Daddy!
Daddy: Remember what i said to you, Kayle. I love you! (close the basement door and run out the house)
Kayle: Wait! What is going on?! Mummy!! Daddy!!

That is actually the last time i saw them. I didn't come out of there, too afraid to do anything even to cry. I just sit on the stool, waiting and waiting, hoping that the door will open and daddy's happy face will say that everything was a joke. But that didn't happen. After two days of no sleep and a little food, i pushed the door open. Everything is so quiet now. No screams or shouts. I peeped through the window and saw that nobody was outside so open the front door. As i open it, I stumble on a fat, green object. It has a long tooth on both of the lower mouth sides that grew upwards as high as the nose. It has loincloths tied around their waist. I took a few steps back. It couldn't be. I only see it in books, why are this thing here? Why are ogres here? They are cannibals. Rustwood shouldn't have all these things here. I gripped the wrapped item til me knuckles grew white. I looked around, searching for my parents but i couldn't find them anywhere. Wiping of my tears with the back of my hand, i didn't have any choice but to walk to Landsville.

Kayle: [What am i going to do now? Luckily, i brought some food with me. I think the journey will be really long.]
(Horses galloping by)
Man#1: You found anyone?
Kayle: (quickly hide behing a tree)
Man#2: Nope. NO survivors at Oldestowne.
Man#3: Totally empty except for a few dead ogres.
Man#1: We are all too late. Sir Patrick, please go back to the castle and report the situation.
Man#3: Yes, Your Highness. (gallop away)
Man#1: Sir George, we should go to the next town.Maybe the town is not raided yet, hopefully.
Messenger: Your Highness! King Albestar! A message for you. From Prince Rayzan.
King Albestar: Hmm.. He just finished his lessons today. What is this?
Messenger: This is fron Frost.
King Albestar: Right! Bring this back to him. I will continue on my journey. Send this message to Sir Gordan. Take care of Queen Carla and the princess.
Messenger: Yes, Your Highness.
(All go on their own way)
Kayle: What is the king doing here in this forest? Never mind about that. Er... Where is north and er.. oh, no.. Where am i?

*******************************************************************To Be Continued...

That is all for today.. See yah.. XD
.............Sign off.............

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My first ever chapter...

This is only the first passage only.. so see yah..

This story is actually a sequel from my first ever story. For those who have read it, then, good save sometime explaining but i think i should for those who doesn't know the story. It's about a girl named Amelia Moore ( i use my own name so that no offense taken to anybody) who always migrates here and there, from Germany to Thailand, Thailand to the cold land, Greenland, and at last end up in Australia. So, Amelia arrived at Australia like every other students, studying in Ragnarok International Co-Educational High School (RICHS). Since the day she came to this school, everything turned haywire. Everything seems to be so different from a normal school (which story wouldn't). The story ends with her marrying her boyfriend, Dan Sullivan, multi-millionaire who owns a company called the Sullivan's company which makes electronic appliances. They have kids and voila, happily ever after. I wouldn't finish this story if i keep writing this so let's begin where i came in the scene.
Hi! My name is Amelia. Not Amelia Moore, Amelia Tan. Unfortunately for me, i also end up in RICHS just like her. Amelia (sr.) is one of the members of the Student's Council of the school. This club was only for specially picked students by the senior members. I was chosen by Amelia (sr.) herslf when i was thinking of what to do with the class board one day at the library. She came up to me and told me in front of everyone else. The club is a very famous club so you could imagine their face when she announced it to me. She brought me to the club room and there my life started.


Hey, guys.. This is my new blog.. Will be updating pretty slowly but still will go on till the end of my life..

So, practically, like what i told my friends about, i will be writing a full long essay of stories for all readers and friends out there. You may comment anything about it, good or bad.. Anyway, currently, i need a sensei to help in blogging.. (i'm quit noob in this so please help)..

What to expect from my blog this year..
1. stories that needs has a lot of grammars mistake..
2. daily life routine as usual
3. total chaos in typing.. im so damn slow!!!!