Wednesday, April 28, 2010


you know..
loving someone is so damn hard..
all i can do is just look from afar..
there is nothing i can do...
keeping it a secret is also hard that's why God created friends..
i thought that everything will turn back to normal if i don't think about it
but i can't escape from this..

ok i'm emo-ing..

currently, chasing after an assignment...
damn hard to do ah..
hopefully, can send it ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's all..
good night ppl...
and i'm off to sakura house for dinner..
mamma mia...
hehe.... XD

Sunday, April 25, 2010

On and Off. Up and Down.

i have no mood writing and typing for the past few days because of assignments and tummy aches..
Melon, the house cat has been meowing her ass..

you know, i've been thinking a lot this few days..

this or that? here or there? now or later? past or present? present or future?

'this' is ridiculous n 'that' is nonsense..
'here' is chaos n 'there' is hell..
'now' n 'later' wats da different..
shadow of da 'past'.....
haunted my 'present'..
n darken my 'future'...

that is what my dearest friend wrote to me..
it seems to be the simplest answer but the hardest answer..
so i decided on 'that', 'here', 'now', and the 'future'..
i rather have nonsense than ridiculous,
chaos is so much better than hell,
now is not for procrastinating
and future because i want to look forward not backwards..

it is fun here in melaka..
everything is going on well..
except for assignments and presentations..
they come NONSTOP like crazy!!!
i made more and more friends and found out more things than ever..
made a nice relationship with the lecturers and classmates..
nothing bad will happen to me in the next 3 weeks.. (I'M KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSS!!!)
MMU is like Convent, Muar described by Shana..
she thought that Convent will be full of students that are hardworking and quiet..
BUT when u look closely, we, Convent girls are not that quiet but still hardworking..
same image as MMU..
i thought there will be many students burying their faces in books on the corridor..
but all i can see is a few..
and the orientation shows it all..
loud, fun but still strict in the kind way..

so, yesterday, i go all the way to mahkota to meet up with................... (drum roll)


it was fun meeting with my old friend again..

not that she is old.. haha..
we met at MPH..
bought the last book of the three series.. (check amy&weix blog to see what book is it)
so excited..

today, i went to GSC and watch When In Rome..
and something struck me..
someday, love will come by its own and you will feel it..
so, i'm still waiting for love to struck me hard in the face and prove that i'm not as bad as i think i am.. (FINGERS STILL CROSSING!!!)

well, i have to go now to continue back my assignment (damn!)
you shall see more of me after my final exam..
bye for now..


Monday, April 19, 2010

Life Is Like This..

life has it's ups and downs..
when it goes down, you will go all the way down with it..
suffer and felt bad at the same time.
but when it goes up, that is the part where we should cherish every moments..
every memory are as important as your life....

i had pass through the life of my secondary ones and it is the best year i ever had..
although now i'm now in university, having friends from all over the world, dun have to suffer from wearing a pinafore to school, dun have to wake up at 6 in the morning feeling grudgy and all, still i miss those days..

ok skip the emo part!!!

i wan to go to the happy part!!
life is nice here..
more freedom..
friends and of course, assignments..
darn assignments..
i wrote a full 521 words of essay on sunday night when i was on my way back from Muar..
luckily i finish in time..
the due date is the next day which is today!!!
still the same old same old..

well, to my dearest hui ni, hui yenn, weix, and shih ying..
i won't be going back to Muar for a whole month till my exam is over which is the 22 of May...
hope that i can see you all here in Melaka but it will be hard for u all..
miss you all so much...

ok have to go back to assignment now...
i hate my assignments!!!!

bye bye

c ya

next time



Thursday, April 15, 2010

Craving For More!!!

So i was into one piece nowadays..
just look at my pc...(couldn't take a pic sry)
  • wallpaper
  • songs
  • but no movies...
  • wallpaper
  • ringtone
  • message tone
it is the best movie i ever watch...
when i saw the comic in malay version it is called 'Budak Getah"
i didn't know anything till my friend, YZ pinjam me her one piece comic IN CHINESE..
being a banana, know nothing bout chinese, i just agak-agak what actually happen..
being a very picky person, i wasn't happy with the drawing at first but as the story goes on, it gets more exciting even though i don't understand a thing..
it is fun!!!
couldn't stop reading all 50+ books at one shot..

well, that's all i want to say since i have little thing happening except being confused and felling really bad..
goodnight, Malaysia and the homo sapiens living on the planet called Earth..
\\// peace..
i know you want me, yeah

p/s: this will never end... because this is not the end...



what am i suppose to do?
what am i suppose to do??
what am i suppose to do???

my heart is not where it belongs!
i cant see my future!
i cant see anything!
i'm drooownning...




Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yeah!! Next Post!!

i noticed that i had actually miss Muar so much..
i thought that i will be just fine here but i keep thinking about certain people and their lookalike in Melaka.

there is a girl that sounded like Shana..
not the voice but the way she talk... exactly like Shana..
then, there is this girl that is like Adelaide Kwong..
the voice and the size is just the same..
even the laughter is the same..
that gave me a fright...
although they sound like their respective partners, i still miss the originals...

when a guy tells you, i like you..
what does a girl suppose to feel and say?
thank you?
you're welcome?
i like you too?

well, sad is out of the case..
but a certain girl dun feel a thing..
she said that she didn feel anything at all..
no stomach churning and the chills around or even goosebumps..
no emotions or whatsoever..
i shall conclude that the power of love is much more powerful than the power of like..
try telling a person...
damn hard... but,
much easier but it's the first step to everything..

haha.. i'm crapping again ok then...
that's all for today..
stay tuned for more tomorrow..

i know you want me, yeah

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Love You...

actually i thought of putting this as my status in facebook but decided to put it here because it's a but too long...

Looking at the palm of my hands, the tiny lines coming through the fingers and started to think.. Suddenly, it feels wet and warm... so many people had came into my life.. i could not mention all because it's too many.. some left and never came back.. some stayed by my side always.. some encourages me and brought me up when i was down.. these hands had experience the bad and good of life.. thanks for being by my side always when i need you.. now, we are going to separate places but like everyone hands, i will be by your side when you need me..

oh, man.. i think i'm going to cry now.. haha..

truthfully, i dun really have anything to write...
i dun have anything interesting to write..

made some business today..
had a lot of fun helping my friends to buy tickets..
it's for the drama fest this coming tuesday.. never miss this!!!

got very addicted to facebook..
every morning (or may i say afternoon on certain days) i will check my facebook first before going to class..
there is always something new..
news feed bout wat is happening at muar and in campus...

i think i will leave till here..
i will see you all next time then..
goodbye.. for now..

i know you want me, yeah!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


back from cheer and my friend here, Victor thought that i lied to him in joining cheer...

so, how's life?
nothing interesting happen to me

love life?
nothing nice happen

nothing nice to talk about

the best thing that i ever did

ok la.. everyone is all right and fine

haha.. sorry i really have nothing to do.. bored and all..
i'm emo-ing la...
please wait for my next post..
it will be more interesting than this one..
goodbye for now..

i know you want me, yeah!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

100 plus.. I MISS You!!!

been drinking a lot of

100 PLUS

lately.. haha...
i think i'm really addicted to it..
but i no money already..
drink too much also not good...
why does the factory have to produce such good drinks, huh???

i'm sitting at the living room now with the laptop on my lap, thinking about the presentation this morning..
it was this morning...
i trembled so much like i had never trembled before...
did not pay attention when others were presenting so i got called up to answer some questions..
sorry ah, Jun An..
the presentation was ok..
nothing actually when wrong so that will be the good news...
but the bad news is the marks..
i don't know if i will get good marks for that..
it takes 15% of my whole marks...
teacher!! give me more!!! (like she can hear that)

i hope i can go watch it..
it looks very interesting..

well, i have nothing more to say but goodbye...

p/s: why am i busy writing this blog when no one bothers to read it??? hmm....
pp/s: my fingernail went into my flesh.. pain ah.. oww.. cant use my thumb now.. damn painful..

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm All Alone Now.

looking back at times when i was only an innocent, young girl at the age of fifteen to seventeen, i kinda miss the times when i can talk to my muarian friends so damn easily..
flash backs of times when i can freely talk to them and they are so happily talking to me, when we laugh out loud and got punished together are unforgettable..
but now it has turn into merely a


the time where we sit on the floor eating karipap
and kerepok lekor has long gone..
now, i have to move on..
although the fear of loneliness are still in my brains(i got 2 brains,the left and the right), i hope none of them will bother me..

looks like i have nothing more to say..
i miss the old times..
i hope we can talk like last time but not like strangers greeting each other by the roadside on an early morning day..
thank you..

p/s:miss you all too much.. here is different from home.. although i had lots of friends but still the experiences we had together cannot be compared with..
pp/s:good night..

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Really Don't Know What To Say.

it's so late already but i don't think i can sleep now..
my eyes are so heavy but i don't know why i don't want to push myself upstairs to sleep..
maybe i'm just plain lazy..
today, my parents brought me and my sister back to melaka..
just a day at home, one night to sleep air-cond..
haizz.. i miss my old room..
my bed..
my pillow..
my fluffy blanket..
i want air-cond..
why does it rain in the morning but not at night?
why don't it rain the whole day?
cooler and fresher everyday..

tomorrow will be a sunday..
ok luckily, it's a sunday..
i hate mondays and tuesdays and wednesdays and thursdays...........
very lazy la!!!!

i really have nothing to write...
maybe i will have a little teeny, weeny bit of idea tomorrow or should i say today..
haha.. lame..
good night, people.. good night, Melon!!! (the house cat-i adore her but she loves scratching me)
good night, world..
hopefully that when my housemate return from her hometown, the house will be much more cheerful and brighter..

nitez nitez!!... XD

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Usual...

haha... im backy back!!!
well, it kinda hit me full in the face when i notice i dun really have a lot of readers..
haizz... a big failure but i will be loyally in front if my laptop typing my blog no matter how many readers there are reading my blog...
how unpopular i can be.. haha..

it's pouring rain outside...
im sitting here snuggly on the sofa looking at the screen and the house cat yawning..
a very nice weather to sleep but too bad i dun have the feel to sleep..
last month was a dry season and u can guess how hot is it...
cant even sleep properly..
so me and my housemates all 4 of us bunk in a room and on the air-cond..
very nice but luckily its rainy season so we dun have to on the air-cond... haha...

this a few pics.. sry i couldnt say much..
my laptop that i got for my results..

took this while writing my blog..

took this in Zen Cafe.. haha... that place is nice.. (Dataran Pahlawan)
the house cat... sleeping so nicely.. she is a poser.. actually, she knows we are taking picture of her.. haizz..

don't u just love to hug her? hug the demon cat.. haha... she is a little demonic..
look! i paint my nails!!! its violet and not pink.. pink and violet is not the same!!

this is some of my uni life pictures.. enjoy!!
this is law night le prestige.. very nice event..
everyone look so pretty and gorgeous dat day... (from left: Alvina, my sister, Lyn'nette, me, and Christine)
hehe.. after the event we go posing at the hotel.. nothing to do..
the subject that i learn.. the lecturer is the best i ever seen.. funny but can be sarcastic at the same time.. haha.. he is very punctual in time and all... haha..

and this is on 'hat' day which is organized by me.. only people who has nothing to do like me will do this things.. haha.. my coursemates!! (from left: Nurain-Australia, Edwin-KL, me, 'Mario'-not his real name, Iran, and Aliaa-KL.. haha..

i had lots of fun.. thank you all..

Muaxx.. XD