Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This Sucks...

i find my blog a failure.. not even a hand of people actually take a peek in this.. well, i canot blame them.. maybe they just lazy to type lo.. ok fine.. nothing else to write..

will be going to Malacca for my foundation of accountancy next year.. multimedia university to be exact.. not going to Sunway already.. too bad la.. not going to see anyone in KL.. goodbye all.. going next year in the end January..

just change the blog skin..


ok nothing to write..


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nothing i could say..

Sometimes i keep asking myself the same old fucking thing..


ok that is stupid.. really stupid.. i duno if love do hurt and heal at the same time... hmmm... gonna do a research on dat.. someday..
well, i manage to clear all the old stuffs i had during my suffering years of a 17 year old.. i found my book.. my blue one actually.. my i-actually-completed-the-story book.. i read it through once.. and oh my goodness.. i can't believe i actually wrote (why am i not surprise when i wrote that 6 words).. the story doesn't suck.. just feels a bit weird.. probably from the long-time-no-write-a-story experience.. ok i have really nothing to say.. weix teach me to crap.. and i crapped but still not enough to atually feel one just nice length of post..

now only i know that kristen stewart was in the movie Zathura, a space adventure.. it was a nice show.. the astronaut was cute, if you know what i mean.. no wonder the girl look so familiar.. the hair, the face... but still THE guy playting Jacob Black in New Moon is my top.. Taylor Lautner.. Beautiful. just love him.. i love Taylor, not Jacob.. Sry, no offence to Jacob fans out there which is a total 0% since i found out no one read this.. sucks, i think my brain is jammed again.. can't think bout anything to write..


ok dat's all i think.. bye..

p/s: i really suck in writing.. hope you don't mind the mistakes..

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Life Sucks Don't You Know That..

ok i admit.. my life sucks a lot..

i have been waiting for this day for so long.. four weeks of boredom and suffering..
at last, away from hell..
no more tuition, no more books, only me and my i-already-start-to-feel-a-little-bored life.
tuition ends, no more friends to kacau.. ahhhhhh......... im going to miss convent.. really, truly, deeply do.. muah muah.. the people, teachers and most of all the cosy school.. that is said to be haunted.. that makes all the thrill!!! haha..

going to find something nice to do coz i don't think i have anyhting to do except to keep typing and typing and typing becoz imagine that i have nothing to do!

please recommend me something except breathing, reading books, blogging and shopping.. i am doing this right now..

currently still learning how to work this blog up.. very confusing.. wat am i doing???

ok gtg now.. wan to play some silly games, killing monsters.. the usual.. byebye!!

......................sign out.........................

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Having Exams But Still Can Play..

Hahahaha... Exams going to end in another 3 days but really can't wait ahhh............. last paper chemistry.. how am i going to survive with chemist?????

yesterday went to.... KL!!!!!! oh yeah.. it's the YEAR END SALE!!! don't tell me shopping is boring.. fetch my sister from malacca at 7.45 in the morning ( wat the ****), then, went to Midvalley to buy my sis's suit.. court suit.. dam nice oo.. discount discount discount everywhere... bought a shirt in G2000.. hehe.. nice~.. will not be wearing it till next year.. too bad.. had breakfast at Steven's teacorner (had superb non sweet teh tarik and nasi lemak with nasi rendang.. very nice but cost RM10.88 for dat.. hmmph hmmph..) fetch my bro from the airport afterwards.. came back from Taiwan trip.. Lucky him.. couldn't stop talking bout it till today (sickeningly jealous bout his trip).. then, went shopping at the same place again.. eat lunch at 4.00 in the evening (funny time) at a restaurant Canton-i.. (hmmph hmmph scary prices for a Muarian) eat the best egg tart and dessert and tried prawns that are soooo springy.. yes! springy! nice~.... have to sacrifice myself for good food.. huhuhhu T.T

Later walk around trying to find a nice snow globe to buy for my christmas.. uhhh... none can be found.. no nice de!!!!! couldn't buy a jigsaw puzzle but will try to buy next time.. then, went home but on the way, decided to stop at Dunkin' Donut's.. quite late so couldn't find any donuts.. went to KFC.. OMG!!! hahaha.. Fried Chicken yay!!!!! Love it.. That's dinner for us at 9.oo (timing all off, gone haywire).. went home, reach home, sing birthday song for my dad (Happy Birthday, Daddy!!! Hope he read this...) and go to sleep...

that's all that actually happen dat time.. going off now.. dam tired.. ow waiting for my online game to load.. (exam haven over start playing already) hope the girl who uses this computer can be very patient with my pc.. poor pc.. full of viruses but still love u after so many hardships together.. huhuhu T.T..