Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'll never be the Same the next time we meet again.

its so long since im typing here.. need to get use to typing on my laptop's keyboard... its so damn thin!!! haha...

give me one hour and thirty minutes.. i need to go to class now... will come back and continue this later... so, see ya...


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Its Been So Long...

i wrote this while listening to the music so forgive me if i have any spelling mistakes..

tired ah!!!
everyday got class.. my business maths teacher is going to teach another subject so we (as in my class) will have a new teacher...
my friend said that he hope that the teacher is going to be a nice and pretty lady teacher..
all the guys can concentrate on the teacher, sorry, i mean subject..
haha... LOL
truthfully i really have nothing to write now so give me a minute to think.. hmmm.....

there is a law night coming... its kinda like a prom but i don't know how to explain...hehe...
i have to wear a dress..
A DRESS!!! shyt... cant i wear a suit?? i don't want to wear a dress..
will be going shopping with fellow housemates to pick a dress with my sister...
my finance is running low and it's not even the end of the month... haizzz...
i hope i won't embarass myself..

im growing really fat.. when i mention this to m housemate guess what she say...
"go Google for fat people.. they have a really big spare tyre and they cant even see their feet.. so count urself average ok"
oo.. ok.. good thing she is in law.. she really knows how to talk.. hehe..

got my result yesterday..
my result..
my result..
my result..
im satisfied with it.. hehe..
11A's and 1B..
wahh!!!! i damn happy when i know i got more than 9A's so i have my laptop all ordered and voila, i will get it today but apparently, im in malacca now and no one can take it for me!!!
i want my laptop..
my sis keeps complaining i use her laptop more than her..
=.=lll sweatzzz...
she not in also.. haiyaya...

ok la.i think that's all for today.. will keep in touch one day soon..

p/s: malas want to type with my sis keypad... too flat!!!
pp/s: miss everyone in muar.. miss me??

Monday, March 1, 2010


now is a very very busy season in my school...
totally no time to even eat breakfast..
although i dun have class from 7 till 1 in the afternoon but i sometimes got class at 8 in the night..
it is a little tiring but i think i can cope with it...
no breakfast at all, lunch sometimes at 3, dinner sometimes at 11..
haha... lifestyle of a college girl..
dun get freak out.. it's not that bad..

i meet lots of friends.. guys and girls..
different ages and sizes (opps, i mean the bigger, taller and thinner than me) haha..
too bad i don't have any photos cuz i dun have a camera to take any pics...
i got some international students but not that close to them..
we don't call monitor anymore..
we call it class reps..
pretty cool name actually.. but still the work is harder..
walk few 100 meters to the lecturers room to take anything or messages..
luckily, im not one of them..

my love life?
well, im still single but unavailable..
there are good-looking guys but wat is a good-looking guy without the attitude rite?
luckily my sis is here, so i wont be so bad and unlucky on the first day.. haha...
the guys here are very very sweet.. very friendly..

the oc's rock the orientation days to the MAX!!!
they are commitee members that organised the whole orientation in mmu..
welcoming us with the warmest welcome you had ever seen...
uncle yeo (not exactly an uncle but still, i prefer calling him that) is the LOUDEST oc there..
he made everything fun and not boring so those who is coming to mmu, dun miss the orientation..
rugi tau!! haha..
there is andrew, terry, TJ, Siraj, Ashley and all oc's.. coolest ever.. haha..
i think i mention them in the past post... haha....

well, that's all for today..
if i have any time i will find those who are still in muar and don't forget to find me too~!!! XD

;) MUakz~!!!