Thursday, May 3, 2012



No more arguments, no more being nice!

I am so damn tired of being nice and arguments..
Arguing is just plain stupid.
People argue all day, of course, no one agrees with everything that is happening in the world right now. But what is the point arguing on stupid stuffs?
I am so sick and tired of arguing on the small matters that I have given up the whole thing.
I have tried arguing with so many people, I can't give a good comeback, some even say i give horrible arguments which makes no sense at all, so I might as well keep this fucking mouth shut and not argue at all. To some of you out there, this is pathetic. But it is not to me.
So if anyone starts an argument, I am just going to say, 'yes, you are right, I am wrong, I am stupid, you win, the end, shut up.'

Which brings to the point of being nice.
Being nice all the time is the most stupidest thing I can do.
People nowadays just takes advantage of those that are nice and fucking step on their heads without feeling sorry.
Because they are too nice to object or even say no.
Some of the people might think, 'oh, this girl is just crapping and she doesn't know what is she talking about, bla bla bla.'
Get real!
Real world doesn't work with nice people.
Most people will take the most advantage out of you without considering your feeling whatsoever.
Why consider their feeling when they are you stupid stepping stone to success or whatever bullshit that is?
The word 'EMPATHY' is no longer existing in anyone's dictionary.
Yes, I am writing this anger.
Done for now.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Compact Semester!

Presentation is tonight and i am FREAKING OUT!!!
It has been so long since i have presentations but every single time is a nerve wrenching experience.
Next week is going to be finals. 2 papers. This week is all studying and assignments and presentations.
Hopefully i can get through this as fast as possible because I can't take anymore stress.
Last week, i was having the relax mode and i need to push the fact that next week is finals already!!
Anyways, i am keeping my fingers crossed that I don't fail this semester.
I can't register my subject yet.
Seems like i have to meet my academic advisor..
Which will be a big hassle since i seriously need to study and get everything over with..
I am hoping for semester break now..
I am going to enjoy myself once I am DONE with my finals..
Mind block.
So, i'm going to leave it here for now..
Bye. CYA.