Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This is the first time something like this happened to me.
As I walked towards the door, I put my hand and pushed hard on it. It was difficult at first. How can this small door be this hard to open, I thought. I grind my teeth and continued pushing. A ray of red light came through the small crack. And slowly, the small door swung opened. The next thing I saw was a the red sun shining brightly on top of a high mountain. The barren land lay dead in front of me. The land is dry. The sun must have dried it all up. There is a river of red water runs through the land. I stared at it closely and noticed that it is running blood. Grabbing my hand out quickly, I stumbled into a nearby rock and cut my back. Before I could react to it, a sudden tsunami wave of brown water rushed towards me. I was pushed all the way back to the door. I held on tight to the side of the door to avoid getting washed away. As the flow subsides, I re-positioned myself and squat at the side of the door. The brown water was hot and every part of me that hit the water is burning. I whispered to myself to reduce the pain. Suddenly, another huge wave appeared and splashed straight at me. This time, I screamed silently as the water passed through me. I held my knees together tightly and tried to persevere through the pain. I sighed in relief as the pain recedes. I open my eyes and realized I am in my room. I thought this may be a dream. There is a short sharp pain behind my back and I saw a long cut right down my spine through the mirror. Is it a dream or is it true?

You have no idea that I just described my bowel movement. Haha.