Tuesday, November 30, 2010


i spent tooo much time on facebook already but not in front of my books..
i can't stand it without clicking on that home button refreshing the homepage again and again...
incredibly i can actually stay 2 hours on facebook...
people said facebook is getting more and more boring but i dun think so...
well, since i can actually spent so long time in front of it.. haha...
updating stupid stuffs and reading posts from people is fun but maybe im just plain desperate for attention....
i need to control myself...
test is coming up and im still in facebook...
i better stop or else facebook will do this to me..

not forgetting maplestory....
too too too much time on maple...
nearly 20 hours on maple during my midterm break last week..
i did not sleep the whole night because of that..

p/s: all the talking but no actions... y am i criticizing myself??

Monday, November 29, 2010

I Don't Care..

im going to stay here and only here for my degree!!
i don't want to go all the way to cyber just because they did not provide the course i wanted here..
why must i go cyber when Muar is so near to Melaka?
why must i go all the way to Cyber when they provide this course only in June?
i can wait for 4 months just because i WANT TO STAY HERE...
it's so near to my hometown.. and also the food is nicer, cheaper...
i don't like wasting money on something i don't like..
might as well just go somewhere else like Sunway for example...

the creepy thing about this is that i MUST get first class as in 3.67..
that.. i can't do anything..
test is coming and look what im doing...
it's not wrong actually..
im just bored...

anyways, bankai have their whole server reset...
tonnes of people lost their mesos and rares... so, they quit..
why quit when it's only something that u can't even get in real life...
i know it's hard earn bla bla bla.. maybe im saying this because i dun even have much..
hey, i have lost 7 SE's also ok (implies to bankai people only, non-bankaian's sry it's hard to explain)

ok then that's all for today..
bye peeps...


Sunday, November 28, 2010

What is Worst?

Getting ignored?
Mending a broken heart?
Rembering things that must be forgotten?
Loving someone u loved but did not love u back?

they may be emo...
but like it or not
life have to move on....
it may be the hardest journey ever...
but what are friends for?

the closest things are the one that is hard to get...
people tend to look too far, the most precious ones are the ones nearest/closest to the heart..

Saturday, November 27, 2010

After 2 Hours of Editing..

this is the result of my hard work for 2 hours....
couldn't sleep.. more to i DON'T WANT to sleep...
i made a small photo of all my char change in maple...
from the being a boy to a girl...
(is that hot pants?)
yes it is and i am glad that maple is not the real life....

im proud of my work although its not dat nice...
because i didn use photoshop..
i suck at photoshop..
so i do this using.......


unbelievable? believe it...


Friday, November 26, 2010

I HATE Popular People...

its either they ignore u COMPLETELY!!!
or treat u as a spare tyre..
as in like oh, i have no friends.. ima find u soon... very nice thank u...

this applies to some people ONLY..
so if u think u are not one of them, please stay that way...
appreciate it~..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Yuna Ito - Ima Demo Aitai Yo feat SPONTANIA

Wasurenai yo anata wo zutto zutto
Modorenai yo you'll always be close to my heart ima demo

Haru no kaze ga fuki hanji, meru koroni wa
Ano toki ni mata
Atatakai kimochi de aru kitashitai
Itsumo kimi wa
Yasashiku, sasayaku mimi moto de
Nani mo iranai omo what's it tonight tada mori tai todo yuki
Kanji rukka senai de moko reijou
Koware sou na no don't play with my heart

Ima demo aitaiyo, itoshiku saseru yo
Ima demo kikoetekuru yo, ano love song
Koboreru namida wa hanabi dana yo
Shite yuku kaze to tomori

(I hear you calling)
(But I can't)

Sakunai no ni somerare taku kono machi de
Ima demo zutto
Tadori tsuita bashou wa anata no egao de
Osae kirenai
Afureru omoide taki shimete
Nani mo iranai akira merarenai itsu wari mo nai my heart is breaking
Kangae senai yo mou kore ijou
Kuzuru sa na no, you're stealing my heart

Ima demo aitaiyo, itoshiku saseru yo
Ima demo kikoetekuru yo, ano love song
Nagareru kisetsu ni yureru kokoro
Dakishimete aruku hitori
Cry for me

Kimi no sude wa na kirei
Yuwaretaku nai baby it's too late
Kizuku sate wasete kokoro mo odete ??
Sotto wo hanashite, (no way) teshiku naide
Aishiteru nara let me fly away

Ahhh~ yeah, yeah yeah babe, ahhh yeah
It's just too late

Ima demo aitaiyo, itoshiku saseru yo
Ima demo kikoetekuru yo, ano love song
Koboreru namida wa hanabi rano yo
Shite yuku kaze no tomori

I hear you cry, don't wanna say goodbye
Arigatou, aishite tayo

Translated version:
I won't ever forget you, ever
I can't go back
You'll always be close to my heart
Even now

About the time when the spring wind begins to blow
(Again at that time)
With a warm feeling I want to go out for a walk
(Always you)
Gentle, whispery at my ear
(I don't need anything, it's painful to my feelings, my feelings don't reach you)
I can't turn around anymore,
I seem to be broken
Don't play with my heart

Even now I want to see you
I want you to be tender
Even now it reaches my ear,
That love song
The tears I'm shedding are like flower petals
Along with the wind they fan out

I want to forget, but I can’t

In the town, which was dyed in a sakura colour
(Even now it's forever)
The place we finally arrived at, is your smile
(Beyond control)

I embrace my overflowing memories
(I can't say anything, I can't give up, I'm sincere, my heart is breakin')
I can't repeat it anymore
I seem to collapse
You're still in my heart

Even now I want to see you
I want you to be tender
Even now it reaches my ear,
That love song
My heart shakes as the seasons pass by
I embrace you who walks alone
Cry for me

(Without you I can't live)
I don't want to say it, but baby it’s too late already
(I want to snuggle you once again, come back to this place)
Let go of this hand
(No way)
Don't be nice
If you love me let me fly away

It’s just too late

Even now I want to see you
I want you to be tender
Even now it reaches my ear,
That love song
The tears I'm shedding are like flower petals
Along with the wind they fan out

I hear you cry, don’t wanna say goodbye
Thanks, I loved you...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Being Addicted Isn't Nice...

ok seriously addicted is not nice...
i am awake for the whole day..
no sleep at all...
just for what?
fun actually...
but still... my addiction to maple is really bad... i can play for hours and hours without any care in the whole world... well, except eating of course.. eating is more important.....

well, i met a nice friend...
though he is like 14, he sounded like 21...
kids nowadays... mature too fast.... remember the news of a 9 year old girl that got pregnant...
that is just wayyy to fast....
control your intake in food people...
avoid chicken wings... they inject those hormones through the wings... i try not to take chicken wings except if i must (this implies to my rule:don't waste food)

today i realise that im a no lifer..
i stick to the pc 24 hours...
i have very little experience and 'events' happening in my life....
please don't tell me to post funny and interesting stuffs from facebook.... haha...
so conclusion, my life sucks..
i should go out once in a while...
midterm coming anyway..
have to start studying...

k then bye people...


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday is What We Want and What We Need..

one week of holidays!!
and y am i not happy?
due to the absence of someone? maybe.....
i miss my friends a lot!!! Wei Xien, Hui Yenn, Hui Ni, Shih Ying, YZ and so on and on and on....
i did visited them last friday... at lit class... oh how i miss lit class... sitting around chatting and doing assignments half heartedly(no offense)..

i think i need typing lessons now....
my typo error is too much...
makes me say smth that i dun meant to say..haha...

well, i watch the whole season4 of Bones during my last weekends when i got backto my hometown...
oh dam it.. wait.. is dat a molded bread on the table?

i have to go clean dat up... post more things next time.. im not in the mood of typing now... i wonder y...

Monday, November 8, 2010

oh wait did i mention that my fingernail broke?

Im The Worst Failure Ever...

the most unluckiest day of my life....
i did not bring the key back...
i did not listen to anyone..
i got angry when im stressed...
i did the worst and the worst drama ever...
and all is because of me...
now T-Rex hates me...

how mush worse can my life gets???

everyone did their best..
everyone tried to make it work...
but without a plan, how does one thing work?
dat plan was wat im suppose to do....

so im sorry guys...
all blames to me..
we dun have much time...
and i didn give them any....

p/s: sorry no smiley today... :(

Friday, November 5, 2010

Everyone will make the most important decision at least once in his/her lifetime... Soon, it will be my turn..


Life is unfair sometimes but what can we do?
how unfair can it be? check this out..
i have a quiz and test (due date: today)
i have drama and presentation (time:next week)
i'm hungry coz i dun feel like eating just now and i'm hungry now..
i thought that if i online a lot of my friends will online.. but none did.. 0.0

ok dat's all..
not dat its unfair or wat..
i just couldnt find another word to describe it...
i need my sleep damn it..
i have oni 5 hours of sleep and now my life is already cut short for 3 hours....
i hope i can take back dat 3 hours tonite!!
i don't want to die early!!!!
i still got too much things to do...

maybe im going to buy 2 hedgehogs and put at my melaka's house..
i've been asking my housemates and i don't think any of them actually minded...
i decided to call the male, Sonic and the female, Poke..
weird name but i got my reasons...
shhh.. ^.~

that;s all i have today..
enjoy the long weekends to all my Malaysians friends...
happy deepavali to all my friends....
see yo!!