Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Resolutions!!! And New Motivations to SAVE SAVE SAVE!!!

Yosh!!! New motivations and aims to buy more things that i like..
This post is going to remind me of everything that i wrote and must not forget about it!!!

New Resolutions to make next year!!!

ok now, the list of items that i want that will motivate me into saving money to buy..
1. New house's furniture from Ikea.. Budget: 100,000
2. Jigsaw puzzle business.. Budget: 55,000
3. Charles and Keith Shoes.. Budget: 300
4. Personal Computer.. Budget: 3,000
5. Beats earphone by Dr. Dre.. Budget: 200
6. One Piece Discs (all).. Budget: 500
7. 1/60 Gundam Astray Red Frame (PG).. Price: 630
8. Shi Musha Gundam (MG).. Price: 185
9. Destiny Gundam (SD).. Price: 31
10. 1/100 Gundam Epyon EW(MG).. Price: 168

ohohohoh... having motivation is better than having none.. hopefully can have all of them before im 40...

ok now, i shall go back to sleep..
got paper tomorrow..
actually today..
but the next day won't start until I wake up...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Jigsaw Puzzles

to anyone out there who cares about puzzle (im bored anyway), here are some tips on how to buy puzzles..

1. For a 1000 pieces puzzle it will weigh roughly 1 kg to 1.5 kg.. DO NOT buy the ones lighter than that.. All you will get is pieces that will fall off easily and not joined together even when put together...

2. A very good quality puzzle, once done, you can actually carry it up with both hands on opposite sides in one piece.. i personally tried one 200 pieces and 500 pieces of both Disney characters, and both did not fall off.. A good quality will stick together when carry while a few by the sides will fall off.. That's is still consider good... A bad one can never join together...

3. A very good quality 1000 pieces puzzle can cost up to RM 100 ~ 200 as stated in a shop that i love to visit... Jigsaw Puzzle World.. There are many kinds also, 3D and small pieces.. Animes is getting in the hype there.. Puzzles are a little bit pricey so please do make sure not to spend too much.. You can reassemble it after doing it again and again and again (just don't lose the pieces to the mean vacuum cleaner and black holes under cupboards and sofas)..

4. Lastly, when you get a good brand stay with it, sometimes quality can change but why risk? I recommend Clementoni but most of it are Disney's..

p/s: this may be an irony to number 1 but some heavy ones are due to the box or thicker pieces but they don't stick together anyway.. Some light ones stick together but the box is light.. So, for this, you have to rely on your skills in looking at the packaging.. shake it a bit and well, see the price of course.. you never try, you never know..

Have Fun!!

Friday, September 23, 2011


I can never beat my sister...
She is the beautiful one, the confident one, and the one that speaks out the most...
All i can do is hide behind the shadow and appear only when the sun is out...
I have failed so many times yet, getting up is always a hassle...
Life is a bitch, what can i do?
I know a lot people will advise me to beat my sister...
But i think she is suited to be on top...
Im nothing, I dun deserve to be there...
Plus i love my sister.. I can never have the heart to do it....
Sometimes, life is so unfair, it pulls you down so low like quicksand...
No one can help you but yourself..
No matter what i do, i always fail..
The ones that helped me a lot are my friends...
I can't even do much...
I can't even pull myself up..
I failed in everything.....
I can't even fulfill a good daughter's job..
I can't even make my parents proud...
While I'm typing this, for the first time, tears flow down naturally...
Not only in my heart.....
I really need a hug now......
Help me.....

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Life So Far

it's been so long since i written another blog post.
so what is going so far in my life, i shall sum all in one post. (all that happens does not happen in time arrangement, its all jumbled up.)
1. Exam is coming. Hectic life. Im actually studying in this freezing cold room..
2. im addicted to 9gag. I know!! Its just another web with pictures that hooks people up once you start on it.
3. I actually started to DOTA.. Not A Good Thing!!! Don't learn from me.
4. My sleeping time is now officially 8am to 5 pm.. and study.. and all over again..
5. My first article is posted in neXus! ehee.. see that name.. ^^ im so happy!!
6. I haven't been eating a lot.. but still couldn't loose any weight. maybe when i eat, i didn't control the intake.
7. My love life.. Nah.. still doesn't have any hope. Im predicting a single life.
8. Im addicted to The Sims Social in Facebook. Oh, well. It's The Sims.. for God's sake
9. I'm now playing Maplestory and Gunbound all over again.. but due to exa, im surprise i don't even have the desire to play any of it.
10. I just noticed that sweet things make my teeth ache.. Oh, THE HORROR!!!! now, i cant enjoy chocolate and sweets... I might as well die....
11. Animes.. How can i live without them? Anime suggestion on the bottom p/s.
12. Trying real hard to save up enough money to buy a PC.
13. Nothing much actually. coz i tend to forget things.. short term memory......

oh well.. maybe this is all that happens. yeah, i have a very boring life... i can repeat the same songs few times and don't get bored of it...
ok then i shall try and update soon after my exam..-yawn-

p/s: Its freaking 5.58a.m
pp/s: I keep clench my teeth coz its cold... how can i stop dat? it hurts a lot..
ppp/s: shall i cosplay during Comic Fiesta?
pppp/s: Anime suggestion: Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist), Natsume Yuujinchou, Nurarihyon No Mago, Gintama, Eyeshield21, Kekkaishi, Katekyo Hitman Reborn and so far this is the best: One Piece. shall update more animes after watching them.

Friday, August 5, 2011

I have never been so mad..

see this date properly..
its a date to be remembered by me..
6 August 2011.. 9.55a.m...
look at it long and hard then look at the calender..
its just a normal day right?
normal oni la.. of coz...
i have never been so mad i wanna cry...
everything bottled up just came gushing out..

i dunno is it my upbringing or is it my own fault..
well, most of the time im always the one blaiming myself for all the wrong doing..
but today, i shall become selfish..
i am ditched like F**K today..
is my voice soft?
or wait, ur ears are not made for mine?
the whole journey back, i was so mad in my head i can just breakdown on the floor right there and there..
seriously, i think u are damn happy...
so damn happy u feel like jumping up and down..
i know other people are more important...
come on, who will look at me? hmm?
do i have to announce that IM HERE??!!

i got ditched really badly and im still so damn hurt now..
i am always the shy lonely person who cant talk to people..
i dun have much friends..
i go laughing..
i cant even have a friend that i wont doubt except for one..
i cant even talk to people because i might hurt others..
i seriously have pulled myself lower than ever..

and now, this thing happens..
i can actually feel myself jumping down..
ok seriously i need a serious therapy talking..
just because of one small thing, i got into such a serious mode..
u know, i have been living in my lonely world for a very long time..
i cant even find a space that is filled with lights..
except for the spotlight in the far corner just beside me..
and now, everything seems to close apart and im seriously damn sad now..
i can actually feel that im just a normal girl, in everyone's normal life..
im not someone to be thought about..
im not someone that anyone can remember..
remember things back..
i do get ditched a lot of times..

i had sacrifice too much alr..
i listen to other people but never myself..
and when i do, this happens..
u know.. i really do feel suicidal now.. so i better stop writing...
bye bye..


p/s: if u think it's u, YES, its u!! im pushing this in ur face now.. ITS F**KING YOU!!

Friday, July 29, 2011


Why think so much when you can ignore?

Why work so hard when you can give up?

Why try your best when it's impossible?

Why put yourself in misery when you can be happy?

Why sad when it's nothing?

Why am I crapping when I'm suppose to be sleeping?


All I Want To Do Now is Cry..

i cant cry..
no matter how badly hurt i am inside but i cant cry...
part of me pushes tears out, part of me pushes tears me..
my head is so messed up now i cant think straight..
i have done the worst thing that i can do in my whole life..
i cant describe it here.. (too personal)

one by one small pieces of me is dropping away into a bottomless pit..
i wonder if i can find anyone who can take it back and repair me..
but i will only be a lifeless zombie..
smiling into space...

the more i write, the more im dying..
so this ends here..
good night people...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I hope..

i hope i can be a librarian..
i can look at books all day..
arranging books back on the shelf and arrange it slowly..
surrounded by books...
i cant ask for more...

im a nerd.. -gasps-


Talk! I say Talk!!!
come on!!!

all i can do now is shout in my blog...
im having a poker face now..

It's Weird

Sometimes i find myself really weird..
not just the whole dual personality thing..
but also the way i act..

i am so scared of talking in fear of saying the wrong things and hurt others..
by the way i speak and the words i say..
the way i move and the actions i do..
i will regret after doing something or say something that i think i shouldn't..
even when i know, it's too late for me to say sorry..
im just afraid people will hate me although im clear that there will always be someone out there that will hate me..
im not perfect..
no one is..
but still that regret will never go away..
i really hope i will not be like this but i do really hope there is someone out there that can cure this thing of mine..

the more i say, the more low confidence i get...
i mean my confidence level now i can guess is negative 10..
its still going down one by one every single day..
i wonder if one day i will get my confidence up to positive, even only 1..

im kinda feeling really insecure now..
he fits everything but i may not fit what he wants..
im starting to feel ike giving it up but luckily there are friends around me that will hit my head when i mentioned it..
its nice to have such friends..
there are people who tried to help me to make this work...
am really grateful to them..
if fate does not approve, then oh well, you know the rest..
my head is really messed up now..
i better not type too much..
i dun even understand what im typing..

bye peeps..
have a nice day~

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Beautiful Nightmare..

yesterday night was the happiest night i ever had and the worst one i will never forget..

i really feel like giving up now..
after successfully found a perfect guy with everything I expected,
everything came crashing down..
u know.. if and only if i did not have this stupid big fat mouth,
i would have survived and not ruined my petty life..
i doomed my own life..

funny thing is that i thought my sister would understand me..
me, the girl who always put family and friends above her but my first priority is family..
and because of food, everything goes down...
u know..
im so down right now, my sweat feels like tears..
no tears can flow out of my eyes..

im going crazy..
u make me crazy..
i have been messing my brains up..
i couldnt do anything because i was afraid of saying anything wrong..
i pulled myself down too low, i felt like an ostrich..
(put my head in the ground but my body is still there)

im going to make everyone reading this to go emo like me..
ok la.. dats all..
gonna update soon..
but not in the weekend...
going back..
bye peeps..
peace out~

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wanna Know What I Wish To Do Now?

1. bang head on the wall

2. thrash a shop full of glass without getting scolded

3. talk to someone about everything without worrying it will get out

4. jump down a building using bungee jumping

5. sit a roller coaster and yell my lungs out

6. yell my lungs out on top of the hill/mountain

7. shopping

8. emo alone in the corner

9. cry

apparently, im having PMS.. just ignore me..

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What makes A Man A Man?

Can we call a man these days a man?
they can call themselves a gentleman but did they have the manners and the act of a gentleman?
guys these days hit girls on the face and complained to his parents, "why couldn't i hit a girl when a girl can hit me?"
gentlemen in the older ages are either extinct or they are gay.
but i have the opportunity to meet one of the extinct gentlemen.
i shall not write his name for privacy as i am writing about him without his consent.

it was raining hard around 11pm.
me, A1, A2, and C were having supper in McD..
free mcnuggets for every purchase of an ala carte mcnuggets.
so we had to go back early coz i have early class the next day (which i didn't attend)..
A1 decided to run to the car to fetch me and A2 under the shade..
so having a newspaper in his hand, C held it on her head and accompany her all the way under the rain.
that is the sweetest thing that a guy can do to a girl and that is what i thing a man should be called a man...

tell me again how to find a guy like this?
we have abusive husbands all around the world..
"even guys that could cry from something so emotional can also be considered a guy"
a gentleman is a guy that puts a girl above himself, treats her right and make sure she is happy till the end of her life.
but guys this days would just hold an umbrella for himself, stranding the girl alone under the rain..
eat all the food without caring about others who never tried it yet.
did not give ways to girl but himself first..

so, to any guy who is reading this, please do learn from the guy above (it is a real story)...
be a gentleman, you won't regret it..
let's not make the gentleman age go extinct..


Dual Personality

I don't want to write this..
but i don't want to write this..

I am sometimes girlish..
but i'm still guyish...

I am a nerd.. I love books..
but i still go out socializing..

I am love both guyish and girlish animes..

I feel like banging my head on the wall..
but that would probably hurt..

I love people's attention..
but i love being a loner...

i am always smiling..
but emoing inside..

im going crazy..
but people just say im weird...

i hate myself..
and love myself at the same time...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Im Bored so I Wrote This..

today was an exceptionally good day..
class from 8-10 is cancelled so we (my sis, her friend which is also our housemate and me) went swimming..
there is a pool near the apartment and it was superb! i mean the water..
it was neither hot nor cool...
it was just right..
so i just jumped in and played with water..
it was the best thing i ever did yesterday (it's alr 2am)...

there is only one thing that is really really really disturbing..
I was lying down with my head on the side and my body floating when i saw in the guy's block (guy's block is the one closest to the pool), there was a flashlight of a camera..
i dun think that guy was taking pictures of the construction site on the opposite..
but it was aiming downwards..
i shall not be a paranoid and just ignore it..
so we swam to the shallower part..
i was playing with the stairs and suddenly, plop..
a heavy object dropped down and missed my head by a few inches..
then, a few plops again..
I dun dare to touch the thing but we manage to look at it and saw it was ice..
small blocks of ice...
i mean come on, from a height of 10+ floor (i guess, coz we couldnt find which floor that has people on the balcony), that block of ice could have hit my head and cause concussion..
there are 4 blocks of ice.. melting away happily in the pool...
if that hit me, ima sue them till they get broke ok... and im serious..
it could have hurt another 2 girls beside me..


and on the side of the pool, there is an egg shell..
oh gawd...

while waiting for my turn to bathe, i had a nice night view on the balcony..
magnificent view..
i just loved the blinking lights from a far away highway, the small airplane flew past.
a few apartment with their lights on brightly, mamak stalls open for their business...
sometimes, Melaka gives me the homey feeling..
i can actually stare at everything for a few hours without getting bored..

have you ever stare at a car and imagined the driver not knowing you were staring at them from far away?
i can't write out how it felt but it was weird and funny..

we had McD and talk for a while..
so now, im here writing about this..
that's all from me..
bye peeps..

update soon if i have some interesting happens to me...
see ya... XDDDDD

Writing this from my apartment's table...

please take note..
the topic has nothing to do with the content today..

'my knees went weak when i saw her sitting so quietly together with the others.. i just have to know her inside out..'
dun get me wrong..
please do understand that the 'she' is a car..
yes, a car...
not only A CAR!! its the Aston Martin DB9..
my dream car since i saw it on The famous British automotive show, Top Gear..
The Aston Martin DB9 was compared side by side with her sister, Aston Martin DBS during that episode..
so, Aston Martin DB9 was tested and proved that it was better than her sister.. there are 2 types.. the coupe and the convertible which was called Volante..

this is the coupe version...

and this is the Volante version...
so, well, i got the opportunity to go Naza World and i saw my dream car... but my sister said the Aston Martin V8 Vantage is nicer.. its smaller in size and has a nicer body.. appropriate for a girl..

this is the V8 Vantage..

so obviously i dun listen to other people, i just have to look at touch and start dreaming to own this car...
this is taken from Wiki..

On the British automotive show Top Gear the DB9 is thought of highly, notably on the show's "Cool Wall" segment, where the presenters considered it to be "too cool" for the wall and it received its own category, dubbed the "DB9 Sub Zero Fridge" which was in fact a mini-refrigerator with the car's card within it.

see!! i mean.. i was way cooler than any car.. who wouldn't want that..
she costs around 500-700 thousand for a second hand.. 700 thousand for a 2008 car..
well, i have to keep working hard till i get my car..

the other thing about Aston Martin cars are they are used in some of the James Bond movie..
well, too bad the Aston Martin DB9 is not used in any of them...
click ---->here<---- to look at some of James Bond's car collection...

another car that i must own is the very common Honda Accord..
i fell in love with this car for years.. since i was in secondary school...
i couldn't remember how long have i waited to earn my own and buy this car once i have enough..
i couldn't provide any picture because of the line here and also because its quite common..

well, that's all i have for you today..
i think my knees are still weak today, looking and falling in love all over again with the same car everyday...

bye peeps!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011


i feel like strangling the person next to me now..
the lecturer wouldnt listen to my reason and just shouted at me..
well, she said a firm NO.. dat sounded like a shout..
i am so mad right now..
i mean how can there be not enough tables and chairs in a big lecture hall..
can u please tell me how can there be not enough place for me to sit when i am only one person??!!
why is the management trying to make things so much more complicated???

i had the sign and everything on a piece of white paper provided..
when i went to the office to pass it up, guess wat they said..
today we are changing to yellow paper.. so white papers are NOT allowed!!
i mean... oh gawd... i had to walk all the way there just to find my paper is not accepted..
dat is so freaking -stamped my feet- RIDICULOUS!!!
and cant people please be more polite..
i mean the lecturers are fine for yelling.. they are lecturers..
but the management people (clerks) just have to be so damn rude..
they looked at you like you are a dirt on their 'Prada' shoes....
smile people!!! smile!!!

so now, i have to listen to my lecturer and just go on with another time..
i hope my sister won't get mad at me..
well, first i did not register it.. not knowing that it is a must take subject.. (-stab stab stab-)
and now, i have to forgo my theater class...
it's full and if i have to go back there and argue with the clerk to register?
sorry.. i take next sem...

well, ok..
dat actually sums up everything that happens today..
ranting in blog is nice..
should i make this blog private so i dun get hunt by the management?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Semester! New Lecturers! New Friends! New Room! Same Roommate..

I have not been able to blog because of the line here which is extremely slow....... and i moved into a new apartment! which is directly in front of my campus.. i can see everything in my campus from here.. since i have only 1 hour to my next class.. im going to do this short..

nothing much actually happened except that i have a nice room in the apartment.. my roommate is the same.. my sister... she is my roommate from the old house and now she is still my roommate for another 2 years.. i really really miss the cat, T-Rex in my old house... although he loves to bite my wires and jump on people and go ninja mode (Ali's definition of him jumping around the house).. i do miss the times when i slept on the couch and he came up and snuggled close.. and end up using my tummy as a trampoline to jump of the couch.. he is heavy and he beat the air out of me..

i shall post more pictures next time.. but right now, i want to return to my comfy bed..
and moan over the fact that i have class later..

bye peeps.
i shall try and keep in touch soon! ^^


p/s: my pc is acting up... i need to let it sleep...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pros And Cons

i have been wanting to post this a looooooooong time alr...
so since im waiting for my anime to stream, i might as well post this..
last 2/3 weeks ago, i found something in my eyes.. i mean the skin outside my eyes which is on the inside part..
so, its kind of a little yellowish thing which freaks me out so much that i though that i will not see light anymore if i sleep..
i did get to sleep though coz i listed out some of the pros and cons of being blind..

there are a few of the things that i will not get to do if i go blind.. 0.0
1. I will not be able to drive.
Pros: i will get someone to drive for me.. yay!!
Cons: i have to pay him/her... MY WHOLE LIFE!

2. I will not get to blog. Typing will be hard. (except if i can memorize all the abc on the keyboard and avoid any mistakes will typing fast)
Pros: i wont get to blog.
Cons: i wont get to BLOG!!!

3. I will never get to read the menu when i'm eating in a restaurant.
Pros: somebody else will pick for me out of 10 choices so i dun have to choose (i hate choosing).
Cons: what if she/ he order something i hate. (i kill you)

4. I wont know where the cutleries and my glass of water will be.
Pros: pampering, pampering.
Cons: i cant enjoy my meal without spilling somwthingor dropping my food on the floor/table.. hate it..

5. I cant read my books.
Cons: i cant read my books.. except if there is someone who will read to me (i dun like people reading to me) or if they translate it to the what-you-call-dots-for-blind-people-to-read dots (still cant beat the joy of reading abc on paper).

6. I cant go on Facebook.
Pros: FREE from Facebook addiction..
Cons: Alone?

7. I cant enjoy sceneries in so many places especially places i want to go.
Pros: well, at least there will be someone who will accompany me on my journey.. i still can breathe the air?
Cons: why go on a holiday when u cant see anything?

8. I cant watch animes.
Cons: i cant watch animes.. Oh, horror.. Even if i learn Japanese, i wont understand the whooshing and the swatting noises..

9. No more classes?
Cons: i need to work?

10: Stay home all day.
Pros: Lazy.
Cons: alone....

ok dats a few of the pros and cons for being blind..
bye peeps..


p/s: if i did get blind i need to close my blog.. maybe.. hopefully not...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Honesty is the BEST policy?

this is only an honest opinion, not to contradict anyone's opinion on the above statement.

so honesty, yeah honesty..
have you ever been honest in ur whole life?
no one can do that..
my opinion, i think honesty is like boasting..
i mean ok..
so if u uphold a very strong promise to urself that u will be honest for today, for example..
u had a nice dinner at a gourmet restaurant with all the fancy small serving food (no offence, i dun like gourmet food's portion coz i have a black hole for a stomach)..
u went back home and chat with ur friend, bla bla bla.. and the question, what u had for dinner?
well, not wanting to boast that u went to a gourmet restaurant and eaten a nice fish fillet with lobster sauce with steamed asparagus by the side.. (i just made that up though its actually quite nice)
and not wanting to tell a lie, how do you answered?
"i went to a restaurant and ate fish and veges.. its pretty good"
its the truth...
but still the question goes on..
"oh icic... erm.. which restaurant did u go?"
another truthful answer...
"a gourmet restaurant"
and the next thing people will go woah...
days felt bad bla bla bla..
small white lies may not hurt but i still think that honesty can sometimes be a little boast..

i didn mean that u must stay honest all ur life or u will be struck by lightning (touchwood! touchwood!) but its just my opinion and im crapping coz im staying in my mum's office hving nothing to do and thinking whether i should print a few scores... but i dun wan to waste paper.. =.=

ok bye peeps, thats all from me today...
hope u enjoyed everything in life..


p/s: still be honest with urself and people around u..

Weird Thinking of a Human Being...

people are so weird, which makes them special, some of u may think..
but this weirdness is not the 'good' kind of weird.. its the 'bad' kind.. the annoying one to be precise..
so, in KL we have tonnes of shopping malls.. i wont name any one of the malls just to protect their privacy and rights and whatsoever...

in this certain mall, which i really hate to go, they have brand stores from all over the world...
very high class one to be honest..
the moment i went in, i was awed by the places and all the decorations (it was chinese new year, chinese new year shopping, yay!)
beautiful, everything was just wonderful, i think i looked like a 'Jakun' (a person who never seen anything before and acts all wow here, wow there everywhere)
so, as we entered shops to look at the stuffs, the weird people part arrived..
there are 2 salesman and saleswoman who looked at us up and down, up and down, the attire, the handbag, the shoes (we are just wearing casual, not so gaudy looking) and continue back talking..
outrageous attitude..
i mean u are a worker there and how dare u judge how rich a person is on how she/he looks..
so my dad just ignored the fella(s) and went on looking around..
they didn bother to tell us anything about it.. i mean its not everyday we memorise brands from all over the world..
i know you are working at a famous brand shop but still, manners are still manners..
i think they looked at us and think that 'oh, this guy wont buy anything from here'..
come on!
its common courtesy to greet ur guest, say a little hello and introduce a few sales product here and there...
if u warm up to the customer, they might eventually probably buy one of the products..
so if high class salesmen and saleswomen are not going to waste their SALIVA, they might as well risk any commission or sales..
damn it.. stupid people..

this is only referring to certain shops..
some of the shops are really nice.. they open the door for u, greet u with a warm smile and said thank you or good day after u finished browsing their items eventhough you didn buy anything..
which is something that people should learn...
i really hope that one day, when i earn enough, i would go back to that particular mall, wearing only simple t-shirt and jeans, walk around and buy something expensive, scare them to death..

ok then people, thats all for today!!


p/s: dun judge a person by their looks.. how many times had a person died in those movies when they think the person looking like a killer is not a killer?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

hiya all...

anyway, since i made this new blogskin... the comment box is beside the date... its a bit covered... ^^ enjoy..

today i shall rant everything out..
so, i just finished watching little mermaid...
lol.. just trying to get back to my young times where i watch mulan and beauty and the beast and pocahontas and lion king...
even the song is in my head now...

everyday i was wishing so damn much dat i dun have this lonely feeling..
there is always this empty feeling..
something is missing..
no matter what i do..
suddenly it will just pop out just like a firework...
then the whole environment and emotions turn dull...
i really hate this feeling..
i dunno if having a special someone will cover the hole?
maybe even a thing that i always wanted will cover the hole?
its such a pain in the ass....

i hope it will just go away one day...
im already 19 and im having this problem...
hopefully i wont become a single old aunty..
time to go..
need to catch up with my gintama... ^^

goodnight/good morning all...


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


what happened when u really cant let go of someone?
forget about him, move on, get on with ur life!!
dats what most people will say..

this few days i've been having this illness called love sickness...
a few sad songs here, a wonderful fairy tale will not cure anything...
weird huh?
so, what will be ur take?
forget about the past and move on?
or return back to the start?

Can You?

can you be my UHU glue?
can you be my cellophane tape?
can you be my tissue?
can you be my blog?
can you be my song?
can you be my diary?
can you be my teddy bear?
can you be my telephone?
can you be my ice cream?

i don't ask for much.......
can you?

Thursday, February 17, 2011


i actually wrote something really emo.. and i had the title i hate myself..
then i delete it and make this one instead...
if it were to be my old self.. i would post it anyway..
i think im much more non emo now..
less emo more weirdness and craziness...

Busy busy busy...!

im not exactly that free.. i just find the picture cute.. haha..
currently im trying to rush my procedure for changing my campus..
i am afraid that i may not be able to make it..
if not im going all the way to Cyber -gasp-
and im also trying to finish my video..
which surprisingly an MMV..
hopefully everything is ok coz i find it so lame..
its my first time using sony vegas and its not easy...
editing and everything..
but i shall try and get it done by next 2months..
class is starting soon so i dun think i have time to make dat...
and also play maple..
well, i cant talk much...
i need to get some sleep..
i had only like 4 hours of sleep?
not a good thing..
i admit that i had not taken off my contact lenses for 4 days...
i kinda lazy and just plop on my bed and sleep...
hopefully i wont get blind because of that..
that's all peeps..
see ya soon or maybe after i done my MMV...
love u all....


p/s: i had to run around campus to do stuffs... and i think i lost a lot of weight.. yay!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


so this is for my awesome Chinese New Year celebration!!

Day 1:
this is on the new year eve where there will be a reunion dinner... i ate a lot and I DUN CARE!! hahaha... i just love eating my grandma's home cooked food.. awesome fried chicken!!!
nothign much on this day... just makan...

Day 2:
first day of CNY (Chinese New Year)... wear new clothes and surprisingly, i wore a dress.. damn it... hahaha... when to pray at the temple and go to my grandparent's house... eat my favourite mee sua... my grnadma cooked the best mee sua in the world.. i love 2nd helpings on this one... awesomest mee sua... i always look forward to CNY just because of this.. cant go visiting to cousin's house coz of the flood... so go to my dad's friend's house for visiting... there is this friend of my dad's which have the xbox kinetic... i think... u dun need a controller.. it senses ur movements and projects it to the screen... its so damn cool... my dad is so happy dat day... he played football using dat... lol never seen him laugh so loudly dat day.... packed my bag for a night stay at my grandparents house.. yay!! all fave cousins are there except for John and James.. aww... T^T.. Gambled on dat night.. till i lost RM8? well one year once... haha.. so we stayed up talking till 5 am in the morning... awesome time together... love it...

Day 3:
have to wake up early to go back and bathe and pack for a 2nights stay at my mother's side place.. a very far place... 6 hours of drive lol...
we slept on that whole journey.. its so comfy...
the whole car is so full with things... when we reached there i just hid in my room... i was not really close to my mother's side relatives.. well, i kinda felt bad.... after a few games of mahjong, everything seems to settle and i opened up... lol.. every year the same... hopefully next year i wil be fine..

Day 4:
when to temple to pray... haha.... and mahjong and a few visitings here and there... and had a dinner at a restaurant... which was nice.. they have this scrambled egg with shark fin (which i thought was glass noodles).. i got really sober when i knew it is shark fin... and the next dish.. shark fin soup.. OMG.. WTF!! my sis was like pointing out its fake.. its so big,, i couldnt be so thick!! so i ate it.. i broke the biggest rule in my life... NO SHARK FIN SOUP!!! damn it.. i think i will go emo all day because of dat... =.= and i did..

Day 5:
time to go back... dats the end of my trip every year...
i had a great time this CNY..
although a little quiet, its still nice to meet everyone again... and see how they are now...
im so gonna look forward to next CNY next year.... ^^

p/s: my fishes died... i forgot to bring them back with me... no one took care of them...
R.I.P to Milo, a male fighting fish.. he is a wonderful half moon breed which i am so proud of.. 6/2/2011
R.I.P to Greedy, a female fighting fish.. she was a beauty.. and owned by proud owner Zeon.. 6/2/2011
R.I.P to Mio, a female fighting fish.. my hand picked fish... also half moon.. is going to miss her.. 6/2/2011

*the day is when i was notified that they died...
im going to miss them all.. just said bye bye to them today...
im not a good owner, forgive me for not taking good care of u all...
thankz for being a very nice family member of mine...
im going to miss watching Milo swim with his tales so big and Greedy and Mio eating a lot...

that's all from me that i can offer to u...
hope u enjoyed reading this...
love u all...

Right!! Im Back!!

ok back to work to updating u guys on wat im doing... not like u are interested... =.=
anyway lets start off with my job..

i had this job from Apple on the opening day of MacCity in Hatten Square... well more to like the other suppliers in accessories for IPhone 4..
Day 1:
Pretty excited to start my first job... Although its only a part-time job but its alright.. just trying only... Meet another guy who will be with me for 5 days selling the same things... Meet my boss and his friend.. Pretty nice.. Still going good.... And Then... Disaster struck... my partner took my sales... MY SALES!!! which actually gives me and incentive of RM10 per unit... well he stole i guess 4 of my sales? My friend (who introduced this job to me) helped me out.. So when back home with only 3 or 4 sales... nevermind... i shall be patient..
End of Day 1..

Day 2:
Nice Day... Might make nice sales.. Aimed for 10 sales to day.... Must work hard!!!
This time i did make it to 5 sales... still extremely mad at my partner.. he walked around so many times to other booths... i have to stand like hours at the same spot to take care of the products.. there is a lock for every product.. but still have to take care so i take my responsibility and stand there... luckily its next to a maxis booth so i can just sit for a few minutes and go on with my job... End of day 2 mad and only 9 sales...

Day 3:
Well i cant remember when is it on day 2 or day 3 dat he got an astounding 16 sales from a customer? (he walks a round so much, only 2 hours the most at his place and the job is 12 hours... sry didn mention above) he got 16 sales from a customer... if u buy ONLY the IPhone 4 without the maxis contract u need to buy a 200 ringgit worth of accessories... so that guy bought 2 which he had to choose 1000 ringgit of accessories... so that lucky bastard got 16 sales so damn luckily.. i got so mad dat day.... still couldnt get 9 sales... so end up with only 9 sales... dat day was a friday... the opening ceremony... i think so... (i dun wan to remember this much) so i end my day with nothing but anger... my parent came and brought me and my friends out for dinner... hope dat tmr will be a good day for sales..

Day 4:
i Quit my Job...
i wouldnt like to mention all this so i might as well just state the truth without beating about the bush..
i quit my job... and surprisingly i was really happy... i can go to the book fair in Dataran Pahlawan and bought like RM104.5 worth of books... which i thought that i will never spend on since im working... and i get to buy a new shirt.. i shud have taken XL now i cant wear it.. =.=

Dats the end of my job experience.... not a very good one but i reminds me that i will never work with that guy again...

p.s: will explain my chinese new year celebration in my next post.. enjoy!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Leave Me Alone..

so just because i didn on for a few months due to finals u just cut of a friendship just like dat..
people can be really funny some times...

forget about it..
a lost friendship is a friendship never meant to be...
so, i was having my finals like wat i stated up there..
the first paper was business statistics...
thank u teacher!!
although i seldom go to class, and have a stupid brain freeze during the paper, i manage to do it nicely and all done..
a few mistakes here and there but its ok..
hopefully i can get a big A for stats..

next paper which i have this morning is Accounting 2..
i really really really dun like to do accounts when i dun understand any of them..
i mean i read till 4 in the morning like stats also..
but i cant answer as nicely as stats..
i did not get brain freeze like stats but still i manage to finish all 3 questions..
which was a good job already..
luckily there are 2 question for 2 topics that i read last night..
or else im dead and have to rely on MCQ and also T/F..
which im really bad at..

3 more papers to go till finals end..
hopefully i can grab hold of that 3.3 and stay in Melaka where my heart is..

thats all i have for u today..
thankz to all of u readers that ad endured my non-stop emoness..
bad english..


Monday, January 10, 2011


back to school.... back to books.. back to assignments and quiz..
i hate it..
i was happily shopping in Ipoh and KL last weekend..
though im a little angry too since my brother got ANOTHER SubZero shirt for his new year clothes..
lucky bastard... =.=
i dun even have one not that i can wear it nicely since im growing fatter and fatter by day..
i cant believe after eating watermelons and a cup noodle (the big one), im still hungry...
say only...
so now im back to books and so on...
exams on this week..
a lot to study and learn..
im so damn scared that i couldnt hold on to that 3.3 CGPA to stay here and not go to Cyberjaya..
no offence but Cyber is a bit dead...
sry eva..

so now, im busy blogging and not studying and worrying that i didn get 3.3... =.=
suddenly, that K-on clock give me a scare...
it has the voices of all characters that will say the time every hour..
and i have my headphone on and the volume up...
i nearly jumped out of my skin..
sometimes the things u like will be a problem..

i saw him today at ixora foodcourt..
nothing special...

anyway, best of luck to all my classmates..
Good Luck in Finals..
lets do our best... ^^

p/s: lazy~


Tuesday, January 4, 2011


sometimes emo songs does sooth a crying heart...

man, i so love secondhand serenade.. i hope i can actually see them in KL on the 11th of January but finals is near and i don't have transport up and im totally bankrupt.
might as well forget about it and concentrate on my studies...

cant u see that im in love with u?
all are in vain when nothing is clear..
so i will wash away my tears with the falling rain..
hoping only for the best for you..

p/s: wtf... emo!!! damn double personality of being a non-emo and a super-emo.. argh!!! i hate me!!