Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What makes A Man A Man?

Can we call a man these days a man?
they can call themselves a gentleman but did they have the manners and the act of a gentleman?
guys these days hit girls on the face and complained to his parents, "why couldn't i hit a girl when a girl can hit me?"
gentlemen in the older ages are either extinct or they are gay.
but i have the opportunity to meet one of the extinct gentlemen.
i shall not write his name for privacy as i am writing about him without his consent.

it was raining hard around 11pm.
me, A1, A2, and C were having supper in McD..
free mcnuggets for every purchase of an ala carte mcnuggets.
so we had to go back early coz i have early class the next day (which i didn't attend)..
A1 decided to run to the car to fetch me and A2 under the shade..
so having a newspaper in his hand, C held it on her head and accompany her all the way under the rain.
that is the sweetest thing that a guy can do to a girl and that is what i thing a man should be called a man...

tell me again how to find a guy like this?
we have abusive husbands all around the world..
"even guys that could cry from something so emotional can also be considered a guy"
a gentleman is a guy that puts a girl above himself, treats her right and make sure she is happy till the end of her life.
but guys this days would just hold an umbrella for himself, stranding the girl alone under the rain..
eat all the food without caring about others who never tried it yet.
did not give ways to girl but himself first..

so, to any guy who is reading this, please do learn from the guy above (it is a real story)...
be a gentleman, you won't regret it..
let's not make the gentleman age go extinct..


Dual Personality

I don't want to write this..
but i don't want to write this..

I am sometimes girlish..
but i'm still guyish...

I am a nerd.. I love books..
but i still go out socializing..

I am love both guyish and girlish animes..

I feel like banging my head on the wall..
but that would probably hurt..

I love people's attention..
but i love being a loner...

i am always smiling..
but emoing inside..

im going crazy..
but people just say im weird...

i hate myself..
and love myself at the same time...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Im Bored so I Wrote This..

today was an exceptionally good day..
class from 8-10 is cancelled so we (my sis, her friend which is also our housemate and me) went swimming..
there is a pool near the apartment and it was superb! i mean the water..
it was neither hot nor cool...
it was just right..
so i just jumped in and played with water..
it was the best thing i ever did yesterday (it's alr 2am)...

there is only one thing that is really really really disturbing..
I was lying down with my head on the side and my body floating when i saw in the guy's block (guy's block is the one closest to the pool), there was a flashlight of a camera..
i dun think that guy was taking pictures of the construction site on the opposite..
but it was aiming downwards..
i shall not be a paranoid and just ignore it..
so we swam to the shallower part..
i was playing with the stairs and suddenly, plop..
a heavy object dropped down and missed my head by a few inches..
then, a few plops again..
I dun dare to touch the thing but we manage to look at it and saw it was ice..
small blocks of ice...
i mean come on, from a height of 10+ floor (i guess, coz we couldnt find which floor that has people on the balcony), that block of ice could have hit my head and cause concussion..
there are 4 blocks of ice.. melting away happily in the pool...
if that hit me, ima sue them till they get broke ok... and im serious..
it could have hurt another 2 girls beside me..


and on the side of the pool, there is an egg shell..
oh gawd...

while waiting for my turn to bathe, i had a nice night view on the balcony..
magnificent view..
i just loved the blinking lights from a far away highway, the small airplane flew past.
a few apartment with their lights on brightly, mamak stalls open for their business...
sometimes, Melaka gives me the homey feeling..
i can actually stare at everything for a few hours without getting bored..

have you ever stare at a car and imagined the driver not knowing you were staring at them from far away?
i can't write out how it felt but it was weird and funny..

we had McD and talk for a while..
so now, im here writing about this..
that's all from me..
bye peeps..

update soon if i have some interesting happens to me...
see ya... XDDDDD

Writing this from my apartment's table...

please take note..
the topic has nothing to do with the content today..

'my knees went weak when i saw her sitting so quietly together with the others.. i just have to know her inside out..'
dun get me wrong..
please do understand that the 'she' is a car..
yes, a car...
not only A CAR!! its the Aston Martin DB9..
my dream car since i saw it on The famous British automotive show, Top Gear..
The Aston Martin DB9 was compared side by side with her sister, Aston Martin DBS during that episode..
so, Aston Martin DB9 was tested and proved that it was better than her sister.. there are 2 types.. the coupe and the convertible which was called Volante..

this is the coupe version...

and this is the Volante version...
so, well, i got the opportunity to go Naza World and i saw my dream car... but my sister said the Aston Martin V8 Vantage is nicer.. its smaller in size and has a nicer body.. appropriate for a girl..

this is the V8 Vantage..

so obviously i dun listen to other people, i just have to look at touch and start dreaming to own this car...
this is taken from Wiki..

On the British automotive show Top Gear the DB9 is thought of highly, notably on the show's "Cool Wall" segment, where the presenters considered it to be "too cool" for the wall and it received its own category, dubbed the "DB9 Sub Zero Fridge" which was in fact a mini-refrigerator with the car's card within it.

see!! i mean.. i was way cooler than any car.. who wouldn't want that..
she costs around 500-700 thousand for a second hand.. 700 thousand for a 2008 car..
well, i have to keep working hard till i get my car..

the other thing about Aston Martin cars are they are used in some of the James Bond movie..
well, too bad the Aston Martin DB9 is not used in any of them...
click ---->here<---- to look at some of James Bond's car collection...

another car that i must own is the very common Honda Accord..
i fell in love with this car for years.. since i was in secondary school...
i couldn't remember how long have i waited to earn my own and buy this car once i have enough..
i couldn't provide any picture because of the line here and also because its quite common..

well, that's all i have for you today..
i think my knees are still weak today, looking and falling in love all over again with the same car everyday...

bye peeps!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011


i feel like strangling the person next to me now..
the lecturer wouldnt listen to my reason and just shouted at me..
well, she said a firm NO.. dat sounded like a shout..
i am so mad right now..
i mean how can there be not enough tables and chairs in a big lecture hall..
can u please tell me how can there be not enough place for me to sit when i am only one person??!!
why is the management trying to make things so much more complicated???

i had the sign and everything on a piece of white paper provided..
when i went to the office to pass it up, guess wat they said..
today we are changing to yellow paper.. so white papers are NOT allowed!!
i mean... oh gawd... i had to walk all the way there just to find my paper is not accepted..
dat is so freaking -stamped my feet- RIDICULOUS!!!
and cant people please be more polite..
i mean the lecturers are fine for yelling.. they are lecturers..
but the management people (clerks) just have to be so damn rude..
they looked at you like you are a dirt on their 'Prada' shoes....
smile people!!! smile!!!

so now, i have to listen to my lecturer and just go on with another time..
i hope my sister won't get mad at me..
well, first i did not register it.. not knowing that it is a must take subject.. (-stab stab stab-)
and now, i have to forgo my theater class...
it's full and if i have to go back there and argue with the clerk to register?
sorry.. i take next sem...

well, ok..
dat actually sums up everything that happens today..
ranting in blog is nice..
should i make this blog private so i dun get hunt by the management?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Semester! New Lecturers! New Friends! New Room! Same Roommate..

I have not been able to blog because of the line here which is extremely slow....... and i moved into a new apartment! which is directly in front of my campus.. i can see everything in my campus from here.. since i have only 1 hour to my next class.. im going to do this short..

nothing much actually happened except that i have a nice room in the apartment.. my roommate is the same.. my sister... she is my roommate from the old house and now she is still my roommate for another 2 years.. i really really miss the cat, T-Rex in my old house... although he loves to bite my wires and jump on people and go ninja mode (Ali's definition of him jumping around the house).. i do miss the times when i slept on the couch and he came up and snuggled close.. and end up using my tummy as a trampoline to jump of the couch.. he is heavy and he beat the air out of me..

i shall post more pictures next time.. but right now, i want to return to my comfy bed..
and moan over the fact that i have class later..

bye peeps.
i shall try and keep in touch soon! ^^


p/s: my pc is acting up... i need to let it sleep...