Sunday, January 10, 2010

School Starts A Week Ago..

i can imagine those faces looking so desperate and unhappy.. heads stuff into books for those kiasu people and those talking ringing around my head, teachers getting ready with hundreds of books in their hands, teacher scolding students who are noisy.. school is in town now.. good luck guys.. i have already past mine.. now, it's your turn..

i still can remember the feeling when i first step into secondary school.. i don't know what to do, what to say, where to sit, where to stand, just plain feeling of stupidness... that was damn funny..

but, school wasn't that bad.. not perfect but still not bad..

i miss all of those so much... maybe college is going to be the same??

made lots and lots of good friends there...

not forgetting the wonderful memories we share..
i missss you guysss already....... hope we can meet again sooner or later..

p/s: sry bout the drama pic.. kinda small.. haha...
luv you!!

Sorry For The Long Lost Blogging..

" No one is alone in the world once you are born in it."

The quote was from an anime i was currently catching up, One Piece.. Damn nice show!!! I think i'm getting one piece fever now.. actually, some anime did teach a certain interesting, yet motivating things like the above.. i did cried a few times.. pathetic me.. haha..

so, now everyone is leaving muar.. poor muar.. all go study locally or abroad.. Going to miss you all!!!

weix gone to national service.. huhuhu.. T.T

bought a few books last month.. i mean last year.. for the first time i bought 3 books and a few movies (animes actually). i never buy that much before.. difficult to resist the temptations of reading stories about vampires.. vampire academy and frostbite.. city of bones, book one.. quite interesting.. especially vampire academy.. got lots of bad words and to those who are under 15 dun read kind of things.. haha.. dun mind that.. interesting book..

hmm. ok that's all i want tp type.. weix asks me to type lots lots but im afraid i cant do that.. sry weix.. hope you can be here now.. i miiiissssssssss youuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

................................sign out.....................................