Wednesday, March 28, 2012

hey! Hey!! HEY!!!

How long has it been?
4 months?
hahaha.. ok, i will honestly apologize to my readers.. I have been really lazy lately, not posting blogs and all, well, say thank you to slow internet speed, I'm back to my blog.. (hopefully my internet is not barred right now)
I am actually addicted/caught up to a new private server, ForeverMS, a maplestory private server so I have neglected writing for a long time. Having friends in the virtual world kinda hooks me there a lot. The drama, the love life, the friendship, the arguments, cant get enough of them. My friends have been scolding me for not being able to differentiate my real life and my virtual life. I guess it was pretty stupid of me to seek love and friendship in the virtual world where you have never seen anyone before! I need a break sometimes. Not being able to talk to people is tough. Changing is even tougher.
It's been a tough year for me. Having new semesters starting, none of my resolutions are even succeeded. Still a girl wishing for someone for her birthday every year -sigh-. BUT it's okay! I shall wait for another year! Always waiting.. But if i can't well, i will be married to my job, my house or maybe my dog.. hahaha.. if you know what i mean.
Right so, currently I am writing a book, a half-ass job (what the fuck!) and not a good one.. Everyone has the idea, but some can write it out. It wasn't easy, but I do hope my work will be published some day. It's still crappy at this stage but I will definitely improve soon!!
Saw a few lightnings in the distance.. Looks like it will be a cold night..
Shall update soon when I can. Well, I will!!