Sunday, January 11, 2015

Another Zombie Movie

So, let's continue with zombie movies. Again. So, how do I get these movies? I just Googled them. For list of zombie movies. Usually I rely on IMDb lists made by users. From the list, I will look on the posters. I would avoid the ones that looks like a horror movie. The blood spill down the bath tub, hands on the wall. Yeah, I know i am being bias; some of them are potentially good. However, these posters that looks like a horror movie tends to have more surprise attacks than others. This is just my opinion. Sometimes, i get recommendation from friends like how i got the Dead series from a friend of mine. So let's move on then.

This is surprisingly, very boring. It started of with this obnoxious sheriff working in the radio station. The first 30 minutes is all too lengthy. When it gets to the 30 minutes, it gets more exciting. So, this movie involves mostly in the radio station. The whole time, i don't know what is going on outside except from the caller called Ken. At 48 mins, they finally open the door to go out and to find that the people out there is repeating everything that is yelled out. I am not going to reveal how to zombies got infected at the first place because it is pretty mind-blowing and a pain to explain (haha). Will give this a 4/10. Would give lower if not for the mind-blowing virus.

Juan of the Dead
This is a Spanish zombie apocalypse in Cuba. This movie is hilarious. It is a story about this 2 best friends, staying together and surviving the horde. They are normal people like you and me. In this movie, you can see a reference on kill bill on his best friend (cute though). So he and his best friend, walk around town, trying to find his daughter and met with his daughter's boyfriend and you know which father wouldn't get mad. So, I will leave out the ending because I thought the ending was actually nice so no spoilers for you here. Not much to point out except it is indeed hilarious and quite fun to watch.

Dead Alive (Braindead)
This is not for the weak stomach. The epitome of gore movie. Any gore you can think of can be seen here. Includes blender, lamp, syringe and other stuff. It started of with a scene about a Sumatran Rat Monkey, which is how the virus got infected across. Unfortunately, this movie has no particular story line. At first, the main character is marked as a target where the zombie would ignore normal people and head for only the target. But after that, the zombie just attacks everyone. Honestly, I was skipping everything to make it faster because I don't particularly enjoyed the movie. However, I would say, that gore in this movie is to the extreme. Somehow, it can turn hilarious in one point. So for those who are a little adventurous, prepare a bucket beside you while watching this. Especially the ending (Dun, dun, DUN!)

World War Z
World War Z. Where should I start? The zombies are the fast-running kinds that I presume is from rabies. This movie has too much focus on Brad Pitt, on how he is a badass. It started of nicely with screaming people and the nice part is, we don't know where it comes from. In my opinion, I really love the beginning, we know nothing, we fight to survive without knowing anything. But this movie is what we would say people that has watched too much zombie movie like how Brad Pitt tries to kill himself after having blood in their mouth. Most movies doesn't do that. It's like they have never seen zombies before. Oh, scratch on my arm, its okay, there is Dettol. ggrajajkscjhawjehckasjrawrnsndf. I did argue with my friends about is it rational for the soldier to bomb himself when he is surrounded by a horde in an enclosed cage? So, the thing is there is no such thing as rational in a zombie apocalypse. You do it to survive. You do it to not turn into them. The soldier somehow has that mindset which brings to more harm to others. Mostly also focus on human rationality where how irrational people are when they panic. There is a lot to speak about but I shall let you, readers judge by yourself.

I have downloaded more zombie movies so I will be reviewing more next time. Thank you readers (if there is any out there) for being patient on my inconsistent writing and the level of quality of my English and review is not up-to-par but usually it is my own opinion and I will not, ever review any spoilers unless warned.
p/s: Click on pictures for links to IMDb. More information there.
More to come next time. Tata!

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