Sunday, January 11, 2015

One of my long lost friend, MMORPG

So I will be having my examination next month starting from 4th February and now quite busy with my assignments which is due end of the month. But as it grows closer to examination period, I grow more and more restless and lazy. Restless to find more games to play, more movies to watch but lazy to study. So, today, I will be reviewing on 4 MMORPGs that I tried in a couple of weeks. And I might add that I am bias in this review.

La Tale
So, La Tale is available on Steam and it is a 2D MMO with anime graphics. At first, I really love the graphics, it is my kind of game. Cute anime girls running around shooting and hitting. However, I tried this for only 2 hours and I am disappointed. The 2D MMO is my type as I play MapleStory but the controls is rather laggy. You can only walk instead of run so I find it annoying that I have to double tap every time I have to run. Walking is very slow. I can blame my connection for being slow but the actions and the spells are 1 to 2 seconds slow. Which adds to my irritation. So, after 2 hours of gameplay where 1 hour I was figuring out how to change the key settings, I give up  playing. I rate this as 2/10 where 2 is for graphics.

Eden Eternal
When I first look at this game, I noticed the server is from North America so it will definitely be slow. But somehow, it is quite fun and enjoyable game. This is a 3D MMO with anime graphic. This game is the tab to target game which is easy for a lot of people. However, these games are usually pay-to-look-cool-and-awesome. They use a system called Loyalty where you can earn loyalty to buy cash items. I love the system but it takes your time and repeating quest to earn it. Imagine playing more than 250 hours on a game to earn enough to get one item. It makes people addicted to it. I have to let this game go because they have the job system which I wasn't happy about. The job system allows you to be whatever you want. If you have the requirement. Any job can be changed at any time in the cooldown of 20 seconds. I don't like it because there is a job level and character level. So to reach a full level for every job you need 60 lvls for 14 jobs. That is 840 levels to reach a complete set of everything. So I will give this game a 7/10.

Dragon Nest
I had high expectations for this game. This is a hack and slash game with combos. 3D MMO with cute graphics too. Though I was disappointed with the character customization. It is gender-locked towards that particular job like the cleric is forever a male with a deep voice. Even when I have a female face. So I wasn't happy and it throw my hopes out the window. I did have fun with the hack and slash, the narrator's voice for characters is hilarious. This is from a Korean developer so the translation may be off at times. I will rate this game to be 5/10.

Aura Kingdom
This game got me addicted to Aeria Games in the first place. I would say this game is one of the games that is got me hooked back to MMORPGs. It is a fast-paced game that I found from Steam. I played for more than 250 hours on this because there is a Malaysian guild in this game despite it being a North American server which makes it quite laggy at times. This game uses the Loyalty system as explained above. So I got hooked up in this game that made me played so long just to get that one item as also explained above. They have the lottery system when you need AP or loyalty to buy ruby coins. The coin is used to play once in the lottery. You can move to the next line of lottery if it lands on an item. But if it lands on a coin, you have to take it and start from the bottom again. So, the higher the level, the better the items. I quit this game after a while because i realized that it is not healthy for my mind because I kept thinking what others are thinking about me. So I quit it straight. I did go back once this month but the rest of the guild members quit as well. I would rate this game 8.5/10. I would suggest playing this game so have fun in game!

So from this game review, I hope you guys could also try out these games and judge for yourself. It is only my opinion that these games are enjoyable or up to my taste.
p/s: Click on the pictures to the games main websites.
To those who are confused on what to do this weekend, try this games if it is up to your liking. Good luck, have fun! Tata!

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